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McGill Students' MedGames Cheerleading

Every year in January, all the Canadian med schools are invited to participate in the MedGames. At the end of the weekend, everyone comes together to watch and participate in the final (and most important!) event : Cheerleading!

The McGill Cheerleading team is composed of McGill Med students; most without any prior cheerleading experience.  Over the Fall semester, practicing 1-2 times a week, we put together a routine of stunts, tumbling and dance.  During this time, med students from all years get to meet and work together toward a common goal: impressing the judges at MedGames!  Cheerleading is not only a wonderful sport, but it is also a way to socialise and participate in one the biggest competition of the year.

Everyone is welcome!

2006 | Video

2010 | Video

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2012 | Video

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