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MSS Emergency Interest Group (EMIG)

What is EMIG?
EMIG is a student run club intended for current McGill University medical students who are interested in learning more about emergency medicine as a potential career choice. 

What can you expect from EMIG?
Bi-monthly sessions on emergency medicine related topics or skill sessions, given by Emergency Medicine residents and staff. 

What's on the menu for 2015-2016?
- Military Medicine
- Suturing (skill session)
- Shock
- First responders
- Trauma
- IV insertion (skill session)
- Ultrasound (skill session)
- Post-Match Talk

Who is EMIG?
Presidents: Eric Carelli & Mathieu Surprenant
Vice-Presidents: Zoya Chaudhry & Arielle Nowell
2nd Year Reps: Lee Harel-Sterling & Florence Lamarche

Curious about Emergency Medicine? Contact us by email, and we'll help pair you with a Doctor to shadow. Looking for a research opportunity? Come to one of our social events to meet residents and make contacts for projects and mentoring.