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Mental Health and Support Resources


  1. If you find that you are having any difficulty coping, in or outside of med, you can always contact the Medwell office/Dr. Namta Gupta, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs. It is their mandate to provide confidential support and guidance to medical students!
  2. McGill also offers FREE and confidential mental health and counselling services.This includes help for depression, ADHD, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and much more.
    1. McGill Mental Health:
    2. McGill Counselling:
    3. McGill Student Health:
  3. The Programme d'aide aux Médecins du Québec also offers individual and group support specifically tailored to medical professionals.
  4. There also exists a 24/7 help line in Montreal to provide support, referrals and to lend an ear to anyone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts and distress or is worried for a close one. It's called Suicide Action Montréal (Tél. : 514 723-4000 or 1 866 APPELLE (277-3553)) – they offer services in French and English.

For a number of other resources offered by McGill Medical Student Wellness, please click here.