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Exhibition: Refugee Crisis and Syrian Civil War

The World Press Photo had an exhibition last year on this subject and accepted to give us the copyrights of their pictures so we can expose them. There should be around 8-10 stations and for each station, there is going to be either a picture accompanied with a text or a VR device or a video playing. 

The event will be held during the whole day, so students can show up when they want and take a look at the exhibition. At 11:30, there will be food served and the organizers will be here to answer questions and discuss with the participants. 

Urban Psychiatry with Dr. Oliver Farmer

"Le Dr Olivier Farmer est psychiatre à l'Hôpital Notre-Dame du CHUM depuis 2004, et professeur adjoint de clinique au Département de psychiatrie de l'Université de Montréal. Il est également adjoint au chef du Département de psychiatrie du CHUM pour le développement de la psychiatrie urbaine. Il a fait des études postdoctorales au Public Psychiatry  Fellowship  of Columbia University, New York (É.-U.) en psychiatrie urbaine, et a complété un programme de formation en psychiatrie communautaire et organisationnelle en 2005-2006.