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Returning Club Application Form (Club Renewal)


The following form is for :

1. New Clubs that currently have interim status and are looking to obtain full club status;

2. Returning Clubs that are looking to renew their club status.

If you are looking to create a new club, click here.

All clubs are required to fill in the Returning Club application form should they wish to be an active MSS club (with or without funding) in the Fall 2017 semester. New Clubs must fill in the New Club Application Form. Applications will be open until 11:59PM on Friday, August 11th 2017. Clubs will be informed of the funding result by Sunday, August 27th at 11:59PM. 

Please follow the exact instructions provided for each item, or risk having your application denied and the need for re-submission. If you have any questions regarding the form, please contact Annie Chabot at

Budget Template for Fall 2017: FALL 2017_ Club Application_ Financial Statement-Budget_Template.xlsx

If you wish to write in point form, please do not start a line with "-" and instead use ">". Using "-" to start a line can cause errors in displaying the responses. 

Please LOG IN to submit the form. After you have logged in, you will be able to use the "Save Draft" button to save yout entry for later editing without submitting it. 


Key in your name as: Full name of club (Acronym) e.g. MSS Boardgames Interest Group (MBIG)
Please provide the full Name, email and class year of the club president, regardless of whether or not it is the same person as in the Fall semester. If the club has co-presidents, please provide the name, email, and class year for both.
Please provide your club's mission statement, which will appear on the MSS website. All mission statements are required to be 200 words or less. If the mission statement that you submitted in the Fall meets these requirements, simply copy/paste it into this field. If your mission statement from your Fall submission exceeds 200 words, kindly re-work it so that it meets the word limitation.
Please enter your official club email if you have one, otherwise enter the email of the key contact person (Club President, VP communications, etc.) Please ensure that this address is checked regularly, as it will be used by any student who wishes to get in contact with your club.
Please consult the following document (select the tab called "MSS Clubs") and determine if there are any changes to be made to your list of executives: If not, please write "No Changes" in the field. If there are changes to be made, please use the example format provided. The addition of new executive remembers requires that you provide all information. If members are to be removed, simply providing the position and name is sufficient.
Are you looking to fill any executive positions for this coming semester? If yes, please provide the title(s) for each position and the number of positions available for each title [if applicable - ex. Two Med-1 rep positions are open --> Med-1 Rep (2)].
List all the events and activities your club organized during the previous semester in chronological order. Indicate the date, event name, number of attendees and provide a brief description of the event. Follow the example provided:
Please list all the activities you plan to organize on the upcoming semester. Please indicate the event title, the type of event, the approximate date of the event, the expected number of attendees, and any additional details that you deem important (potential guest/speaker, purpose, food, etc.) Follow the example provided:
Enter a numerical integer value (0-99) equal to the number of events you organized during the semester.
Attendance sheets should be scanned and have handwritten signature of all the students who attended the event. It is strongly suggested that prior to any event, create a google excel sheet for students to sign up with their name, year of study and McGill ID, with an additional column for the student signature. Print this out before the event and get students to sign in. This will give a much better estimate for the amount of food to order etc. Take pictures/scan all attendance sheet and paste them in chronological order into 1 word document. The date, event name and total #of attendees per event should be clearly indicate either on the attendance sheet or in the word document. Save it as a pdf with the full name of the club and semester, e.g. "MSS Boardgames Interest Group_Fall 2016_Attendance.pdf"
Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png tif pdf doc docx xls xlsx.
Funding application section
This section is to apply for funding. You do not need to fill it if you are only applying for club status and not for funding. Any missing item of the funding application may result in a delay of the deposit of your funding or the rejection of your funding application.
Please indicate the amount of funding that you are requesting from the MSS for the Winter 2017 semester.
If you do not provide the FS/Budget, you will not be eligible for funding. Fill out the Financial Statement/Budget template (link provided above) and name the file with the full name of the club and the semester, e.g. "MSS Boardgames Interest Group_Winter 2017_Budget.xls" NB: the Financial Statement refers to the section where you list expenses and income for the previous semester, and the Budget refers to the section where you list the future/projected expenses and income.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: xls xlsx.
Create word document and have 2 separate sections for the proofs of expenses and income. Section 1 - Proof of expenses: Take a picture/scan the proofs of expenses (receipts, invoice etc) and paste them into the word document in the order listed in the Expenses column of your Financial Statement. The date, event and amount should be clearly indicated on each proof. Additional information or clarification can be given in the word document below the picture of the proof. Section 2 - Proof of income: Do the same thing with your proof of income (bank record of a deposited cheque, online bank transfer etc) in a separate section. They should also follow the order as listed in your Income column in the Financial Statement. The word document should then be saved as a pdf with the full name of the club and the semester e.g. "MSS Boardgames Interest Group_Winter 2017_Proofs.pdf"
Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
Please attach a proof of your current account balance - this can be a printout/scan/photo of the latest bank statements. Please name the file with the full club name and the semester, e.g. "MSS Boardgames Interest Group_Fall 2016_Bank Balance".
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx.
If you aren't sure how to open an account for your club with RBC, please consult the following document:
Please let us know if you were able to successfully transfer your funds from your previous National Bank account to your current RBC Account.