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The following are committees of the MSS:



Contact Information

Executive Council

The Executive Council serves to plan, organize, and execute the day-to-day activities of the MSS, including social events, financial management, and academic affairs.



President: Doulia Hamad (


Strategic Planning & Community Involvement (SPCI)

The SPCI is in charge of assessing the long-term objectives of the MSS and its constituents. In addition, it aims to empower students/groups (e.g. MSS Clubs, Interest groups, inter-­professional student teams) wishing to initiate and/or consolidate innovative community‑based projects.

Check us out at:


Co-Coordinators: Amy Huang and Kelly Lau (

MMI Committee


The MMI Committee is in charge of organizing the MSS’s contribution to the Multiple Mini Interviews, including social events preceding the interviews, the annual MMI Video, and activities during the interviews themselves.



MMI Committee Chair: Giuseppe Frenda (

Student Professionalism Committee


The new student professionalism committee is tasked with developing new avenues for students to contribute to the development of professionalism throughout medical school. In addition, the committee develops guidelines and tools that can best support students as they develop from students to physicians.



Co-Chairs: Ashutosh Sharma ( and Sam Waserman (

FMD Guide Committee


The FMD Guide Committee is a new group tasked with developing study resources that are most beneficial for students in the Fundamentals of Medicine and Dentistry (FMD) component of the new curriculum.


Writers, editors, and ideas are always welcome!


Chair: Bellal Jubran (


VP Academic: Abrar Al-Jassim (





Buddy Program Committee


The Buddy Program Committee is responsible for co-ordinating the Medicine Buddy Program that pairs Med-1 students with upper-year mentors.



Chair: Kyle St-Louis (

Medical Students' Technology Committee (MSTC)

Please click the MSTC link on the left for more information. Chair: Amol Raut (VP IT 2014-2015)


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