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McGill Medical MythBusters is a group created two years ago in order to reduce all the health-related false information spreading. As medical students, we felt like we have a responsibility to consistently disseminate scientifically based information in our society. Our main goal is to better inform our community and reduce the harm caused by the propagation of medical myths. We will do so by presenting evidence-based medicine conferences to the general population. Medical MythBusters allows medical and dental students to use their expertise and build a conference concerning any topic of interest and then present it in a tailored way to targeted populations. We like to do so with “trendy” methods of communication (memes, interactive presentations, funny videos, pictures, etc.). A perfect example is our coronavirus conferences that demystify common misconceptions about COVID-19 that we keep hearing in the news, on social media and even within our family/friends. Another example is our anti-vax conference, which has been a serious issue in the last few years, but an even more high-yield issue with the current pandemic.

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Co-PresidentNaïla Benchelabi, class of 2022Email
Co-PresidentNissim Benizri, class of 2022Email
Co-PresidentSirin Chami, class of 2022Email

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