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As medical and dentistry students, we are lucky to be taught evidence-based medicine. Most people in the non-medical field do not have that luck and are thus a lot more vulnerable to believing “fake news” about their health (a.k.a. false information/myths). We, as students, also have the privilege of being seen as credible and trustworthy sources of knowledge. That is why we decided to take advantage of our privilege and use it to bust the commonly spread medical myths out there.

Join our MythBusters team and help make your community more aware of what truly is healthy and what isn’t. Being part of MythBusters will change your future practice by increasing your understanding and connection with different types of populations (refugees, elderly, Indigenous, immigrants, adolescents, etc.). It is also a great opportunity to improve your oral communication skills with large audiences (little tip: you can even include it in your CaRMS application). Of course, it is a great opportunity to do good, which is probably why you joined medical school in the first place.

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