MSS Plant-based Nutrition Group (PBNG)

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About the club

The MSS Plant-Based Nutrition Group (PBNG) seeks to promote plant-based nutrition in lifestyle and preventive medicine. The food that patients put into their bodies form a critical component of their health, however, the provision of knowledge and practical skills in nutrition medicine, as well as education regarding the evidence-based health benefits of plant-based nutrition is greatly lacking in our current medical education. In response to this important knowledge gap, our aims are to (1) share scientific evidence concerning plant-based nutrition in the medical community (2) work on progressively incorporating nutrition medicine into our curriculum and (3) promote healthy lifestyle choices and plant-based nutrition amongst the McGill Medicine community. Everyone is welcome to join our club and events! Our group activities are diverse and range from hosting expert speakers and panel events, offering clinical skills sessions, organizing nutrition / meal planning / cooking workshops, organizing fun and motivating student-wide plant-based nutrition challenges, hosting film & documentary screenings and more!

Contact information

Club PresidentLiam Cooper-Brown, class of