Winter 2022 EXTENDED Recruitment Period


The Winter 2022 MSS EXTENDED Recruitment Period starts Sunday, February 13 2022 at midnight.

The clubs that are participating in this recruitment process have their available positions listed here.

You can apply to these clubs with this link.

This is the ONLY WAY to apply for clubs. Please do not send applications to clubs directly.

You may send me questions at Do not send me your club applications.

The form is currently “CLOSED”: it will only open Sunday, February 13 at midnight and will stay open until Sunday, February 20 at midnight

All the information that is currently available on the MSS Website will stay up for the duration of Recruitment Period.

Use the instructions below as a checklist for everything you need to know about Club Week!

Club Week is an adaptation of Clubs Day that was made to be online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is an opportunity to discover clubs and standing committees (SCs).

Each organization was asked to submit a short video introducing themselves and you can take a look at their recruitment form, a document that describes all the positions the club or SC is recruiting for.

Clubs and SCs are an excellent way of exploring one’s interests and getting involved. You can share your passion with other medical students, build your network and CV!

You have a full week until Monday, September 13th at midnight to explore the club and SC pages. You will then be able to submit applications through the MSS Website. The form to submit applications is not publicly available yet and will open as soon as Club Week ends. Students have 2 weeks to submit their application — Deadline = Monday, September 27th at midnight.

What is the difference between a club and a standing committee?
  • Standing Committees do not have to re-apply for club status every semester. They also benefit from guaranteed funding to support their mission, hence their name.
Do I need to apply to a club to participate in their events?
  • No — Fall Recruitment Applications are for people who seek an executive position within a club or standing committee. If you simply wish to attend an event, we encourage you to like a club or SC’s Facebook Page and look out for cool opportunities that are submitted on the Murmur (weekly newsletter).
Where do I apply?
  • You can’t apply as of yet — stay up to date with the Murmur and any communications sent by Maxime Berthout, the VP Internal Affairs of the MSS and check the website one week from now after Club Week. A form will be available and you will be able to submit your applications for all the clubs and SCs that are of interest to you.
Can I apply to more than one position per club?
  • Yes, shoot your shot.

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