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Positions Open to Montreal Campus

3 key points

  1. Increasing the variety of activities offered
  2. Working hand in hand with upper- and lower-year class representatives
  3. Listening to suggestions/feedback from class members

Dear Class of 2026, I am pleased to announce that I am running as your Med-2 Class Representative! With our busy schedules and upcoming TCP rotations, the spirit of community we experience in class is slowly coming to an end. As students, social interactions and event participation are a crucial aspect for maintaining good mental health and building lasting memories, one’s that we’ll look back to when going through challenging times (clerkship, CARMS, residency). As a firm believer and advocate for class community spirit, I plan on:

  1. Increasing the variety of activities offered

As some of you may know, I organized two Post-Block Fitness Workouts last year. Both events were a great moment for fellow students to engage in physical activity together and disconnect from school life. The success of these events ultimately inspired me to create more activities for our class. As Med-2 Representative, I want to offer our class a greater variety of activities by organizing unique and engaging events such as BCycle Spin Classes, Sugar Shack Outings and Cottage Getaways.

2. Working hand in hand with upper- and lower-year class representatives

Given I am firm believer in class community, I love the idea of working with upper and lower years to organize events that will promote a big turnout and allow an opportunity to socialize with other years. I personally believe it will allow us to create a spirit of solidarity and provide us with a support system that helps us overcome different challenges. The values and desires of our class will always be at the center of my mandate, and I will work closely with other student representatives to create amazing social events!

3. Listening to suggestions/feedback from class members

As your future Med-2 Class Representative, I will make it my mandate to regularly engage with our class to come up with ideas of activities we can organize. At the end of the day, these events are for you (my fellow classmates), and I want to promote events that reflect and include the voices of everyone. I will regularly bring up these ideas with our committee members.

3 key points


[A BIT (a lot) ABOUT ME]

Hi everyone! My name is Catherine and aside from being a slay second year medical student (as you all are), I am also someone who has always been actively involved in student life. I may seem very young in the eyes of many, but I promise I do have quite a decent amount of experience in the realm of student councils. From grade 7 to grade 11, I was a class representative. In this role, I organized monthly class activities ranging from bowling to lunches (St-Hubert for the win) which my classmates were very appreciative of. I also organized other seasonal activities for holidays such as Halloween (haunted house), Christmas (Secret Santa), Valentine’s Day (speed dating) and many more. In my last year of high school, I was elected president of my graduating class. In this role, along with the class council, I was responsible for the organization of all activities for my graduating class (graduation ceremony, prom, etc.). People were really keen on having me organize the after-prom party which was not a mandate of mine as class president. However, I took it upon myself to fulfill their request because I saw that they believed in my ability to create an event which would be one that we would remember for the rest of our lives. It entailed a lot of organization (booking buses, finding a venue, etc.), but it was an immense success.

In CEGEP, most of my time was spent on Zoom watching courses. Throughout this time, I was the Chapter President of Dawson’s chapter of Best Buddies Canada. Despite the pandemic, I researched innovative ways to recruit new members and make the program feasible. Therefore, I could apply the creativity skills I gained throughout this experience towards the organization of get togethers for our awesome second-year class.

Fast forward to my first year at McGill, I was elected as VP Academics of the Med-P/Dent-P Student Association. I was not the one responsible for organizing the fun-filled events my cohort had that year. However, I did organize educational activities for my peers. Notably, I hosted a few review sessions for some of our classes where we went over key material and practice questions as a group. Also, our cohort created Anki decks that are now available in the Drive that are shared with Med-P/Dent-P students every year. Furthermore, outside of internal academic activities, I aided in the organization of an information session for aspiring Med-P/Dent-P students in November as well as subsequent information sessions in the months of January and February targeted towards specific CEGEPs to further promote the program to students from various backgrounds. As a Med-2 Class representative, I will not be responsible for academic activities, but those same organizational skills will be applied to the creation of social activities within mind the likes and wants of our cohort.

Two fun facts about me:

  1. I previously had a dance account where I would post a (terrible) dance every day. It was called @adanceadaykeepsthedoctoraway. Many of my friends have asked for me to bring it back. However, I am not convinced it is worth it. Only time will tell…
  2. I am a karaoke lover and I worked at La Maisonnée Resto-Bar for one month as a karaoke host! My go to karaoke song is Lose Yourself by Eminem. I hope to perform my rap to you all at the FMD Ball.



Before becoming a medical student, I did not think it was possible to have a negative amount of money in my bank account. However, having been a medical student for the past year and a half, I can confirm that times are indeed tough. Therefore, when planning activities throughout the winter, spring and summer months of TCP, I will make an active effort to keep in mind the price associated with them. Some examples of relatively cheap activities that come to mind are game nights (at Randolph Pub Ludique), karaoke nights (at a public karaoke bar), picnics (when the time permits), and potlucks (which can be done at the Annex or McIntyre Medical Building). If people in the cohort are up to participating in these or other activities, I will be happy to plan some during the weeks of TCP. I know pricing can sometimes be a deterring factor for people in attending our cohort activities.  So therefore, in discussion with the student council, I will look into the possibility of providing you all with price breakdowns to help you better understand where the money you are sending to us is going.


Having a good time entails more than just hanging out at a bar or partying with friends. Having a good time could mean enjoying a nice meal at a restaurant for some. It could also mean absolutely destroying your friend (now enemy) in a very heated game of Catan. Whatever your definition of a good time is, I hope to be able to organize fun filled events which will be tailored to your likes and wants. I know I have a weird obsession with St-Hubert and 3 Amigos, but I do not want to impose my desires onto others. And although I would probably somewhat enjoy eating at these restaurants on my own every other week to take a well-deserved break from my TCP activities, I do think I would be more appreciative of this time off in the company of friends and peers. Furthermore, I am well aware of the fact that certain cultural, ethnic and religious differences have impeded people’s ability to comfortably participate in some of the activities offered by their class council in the past, be it at McGill or in their previous education. My aim as a Med-2 Class Representative is to represent the class in its entirety. This implies that the activities I organize in said position should be inclusive of the entire student body which I represent. Therefore, that is why I would like to heavily emphasize the fact that not all activities will have for their MAIN focus drinking and/or partying.


The student council is a relatively small proportion of the student body. Its role is to represent the voice of the students in the cohort. However, considering that not everyone interacts regularly with the student council members, it is rather difficult to communicate ideas with them. Therefore, in a similar manner to an anonymous feedback form which is used for providing comments or concerns to the student council, I would be interested in the implementation of an anonymous suggestion form in which students would be able to provide suggestions for activities which they would like to see flourish in the months of 2024. This suggestion form could be made available throughout the year. As a Med-2 Class Representative, I would make it my mandate to check the form regularly to skim through the suggestions proposed by peers and to plan activities accordingly.

P.S. I cannot promise all events will have unlimited amounts of alcohol, but I can promise we will have Diet Coke. Even regular Coca-Cola if you are lucky. 😉 

Just kidding, I do not think I could even promise such things considering I am unaware of the budget we have for events, but I could promise that I will at least actively try to fulfill my fellow Coca-Cola addicts’ needs.

P.S.S. I would love to discuss my platform in detail with you AFTER our plethora of exams next week. I may be a machine, but Stiver’s anatomy lectures will not learn themselves. 

3 key points

  1. TCP Talent Show
    • To celebrate all the talents and hobbies of our class, and to hopefully make this a Med-2 TCP tradition for years to come.
  2. Hospital reference sheet
    • Create an excel sheet with a list of students at each hospital site so that you can try to meet up with other classmates during lunches or after leaving the hospital.
  3. Post-exam hangouts
    • Celebrating the end of TCP exams with classmates with a fun activity like karaoke, skating, ceramic café, 5 à 7 soirées, or brunch.

3 points clefs

  1. Spectacle de talents de TCP 
    • Pour célébrer tous les talents et passions de notre classe, et pour que cela devienne une tradition Med-2 TCP pour les années à venir
  2. Fiche de référence pour les hôpitaux
    • Créer une feuille excel avec une liste d’étudiants dans chaque hôpital afin que vous puissiez essayer de rencontrer d’autres camarades de classe pendant pendant l’heure du dîner ou après avoir quitté l’hôpital
  3. Rencontres après les examens
    • Célébrez la fin des examens de TCP avec vos camarades de classe en organisant une activité amusante comme une soirée de karaoké, le patinage, café céramique, les 5 à 7, ou brunch.

Hi everyone! 🙂

My name is Priya, and I’m excited to run for this year’s Med-2 Class Rep! I can’t believe we’re already almost done FMD, congratulations to all! First off, I just want to give a huge shout out to our Med-2 Council for all the work they’ve done so far, and for all their work in planning the FMD Ball.

TCP is a new chapter in our studies, and this time we won’t be seeing our classmates every day. I think it’s even more important for us to have fun social activities as a class, to help us stay connected as we get busy in TCP. In addition to organizing and supporting any events planned by the Class Council, there are 3 main goals I would like to reach as Med-2 rep.

TCP Talent Show: I love singing, music, and any form of art! Because of this, during my undergrad I organized the first ever talent show/coffee house for our faculty, and it was a huge success! I would love to plan a talent show for us to celebrate all the amazing talents and hobbies everyone has in our class too, which includes singing, dancing, and more. It would be a great way for us all to have a fun time celebrating before we enter clerkship, and hopefully we could make this a TCP tradition for future cohorts. 

Hospital reference sheet: Since we’ll be spread out in different hospitals, I’d like to compile a list of students who are at each site and when. This would would provide more opportunities for us to meet up with our classmates, as you can try to meet up with other classmates during lunches or at the end of the day. 

Post-exam hangouts: After TCP exams, it would be great to catch up with classmates while doing fun activities, such as karaoke nights, ceramic café, skating, brunches, 5-à-7 soirées, and more.

Thank you for reading my platform, and I hope to work with you all! Have a great day! 🙂

Salut tout le monde! 🙂

Je m’appelle Priya, et je suis ravie de me présenter au poste de représentante de classe Med-2 de cette année! Je n’arrive pas à croire que nous avons déjà presque terminé le FMD, félicitations à tous! Tout d’abord, je tiens à remercier notre Conseil Med-2 pour tout le travail qu’il a accompli jusqu’à présent, et pour tout ce qu’il a fait pour organiser le bal FMD!

Le début de TCP marque un nouveau chapitre dans nos études, mais cette-fois ci, on ne se tous verront pas à chaque journée dans nos cours! De ce fait, je pense que c’est encore plus important qu’on ait des activités sociales pour notre classe pour qu’on puisse rester connectés quand on deviendra occupés en TCP. En plus d’organiser et supporter tous les évènements planifiés par notre conseil de classe, il y a 3 buts principaux que j’aimerais atteindre comme représentante de la classe Med-2!

Spectacle de talents de TCP: J’adore chanter, la musique, et toute forme de l’art! C’est pour cette raison que pendant mon baccalauréat, j’ai organisé le premier spectacle de talent pour notre faculté, et ce fut un grand succès! J’aimerais organiser un spectacle de talent pour notre classe, pour qu’on puisse célébrer tous les talents et passions de notre classe, comme le chant, danse, et encore plus! Elle pourrait être une belle célébration avant de commencer l’externat, et peut-être on pourrait en faire une tradition de TCP pour les cohortes à venir!

Fiche de référence pour les hôpitaux: Puisqu’on se sera dispersé dans des différents hôpitaux, j’aimerais dresser une liste des étudiants qui se trouvent dans chaque hôpital et à quel moment. Cela nous donnerait plus d’occasions de rencontrer nos camarades de classe, car vous pouvez essayer de rencontrer d’autres camarades de classe pendant l’heure du dîner ou à la fin de la journée.

Rencontres après les examens: Après les examens du TCP, il serait bon de se rattraper avec nos camarades de classe en faisant des activités amusantes, comme des soirées karaoké, céramic café, le patinage, les 5 à 7, brunch, et encore plus.

Merci pour avoir lu mon programme, et j’espère de travailler avec vous tous! Passe une belle journée! 🙂