Candidates – Fall 2022

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Montreal Campus

3 key points

  1. Voice the concerns of MD-PhD students and MD+ students
  2. Advocate for the needs of MD-PhD students and medical students seeking to complete additional training during their program
  3. Ensure effective communication between the McGill MD-PhD Society and the MSS

As your MD-PhD representative, my goal is to advocate for the needs of MD-PhD students and medical students who are seeking to take a leave of absence to complete a graduate program or do additional research training (MD+). I aim to strengthen the bonds between the MD-PhD Student Society and the MSS by ensuring effective communication and acting as a two-way liaison. As a member of the MSS General Council, I will voice the concerns of MD-PhD and MD+ students and will suggest ways to address them, especially the disconnect that they experience during their research years.

3 key points

  1. Organization: Ensuring organization through weekly update posts, and a streamlined google drive with the most relevant resources.
  2. Accessibility: De-mystifying all available resources and increasing comfort with things like Anki, Notion and the McGill OSD.
  3. Improvement: Dedication to integrating feedback and advocating on our behalf to make our Medical Education experience the best it can be.

Hi everyone, Bonjour à tous! My name is Taylor (she/her), and I’m super excited to be running as your M1 Academic Representative! Before I get into my platform, here is a little about myself and my relevant experience:

I was born and raised in Montreal and have been a McGill student since 2018. I completed my undergrad in Honours Pharmacology with a Minor in Gender Studies, and began a Master of Nursing at McGill before being accepted into McGill Med (woohoo!). During this time, I worked in a variety of McGill research settings, served as the Communications and Finance Coordinator for the Gender Studies Student Association, and most recently was VP Academic for my cohort of the Masters of Nursing! Needless to say, I’ve had plenty of experience navigating Minerva, MyCourses, and sending many, many emails. Outside of academics I’m heavily involved with Crohn’s & Colitis Canada, and spend my free time cooking, going to my local friperies, and spending time with my cats Harry and Finn.

My platform will rely chiefly on Organization, Accessibility, and Improvement.

  1. Organization: As experienced during our first two weeks as medical students, organization does not come easy. Between our minimum 15 lectures a week, labs, small groups, LFME, and resources constantly being shared, becoming overwhelmed with deadlines and powerpoint files is inevitable. As Academic Rep, my goal will be to ensure organization, and reduce confusion. This includes a public class calendar, and a weekly post outlining what is due that week, what needs to be prepared, and where you can find the relevant materials to make sure that no one shows up to a Small Group unprepared! An organized google drive will house the most relevant resources to prevent resource overload and lack of transparency. 
  2. Accessibility: The medical student community is overloaded with resources, programs, and content. But, as Canadian medical students, it’s hard to understand how these apply to us, when to use these materials, and how. As Academic Rep, I will ensure that the various resources are contextualized and de-mystified. As an avid Notion, Anki and GCal user, these organization resources will be clearly explained and welcome to all! Further, as a user of the Office for Students with Disabilities myself, I can help to guide others in accessing the accommodations they need to have an equitable experience as a medical student.
  3. Improvement: As Academic Rep, I’ll be attending numerous Medical Education focused meetings with administration where I will get to advocate for our experience as students and bring forth our feedback. To ensure that all voices are heard, an anonymous google form will be sent out after each Block, where each student can express their thoughts. As academic rep, I will integrate our feedback and present the many student perspectives, with the goal of improving our experience, and all future M1s.

Overall, I’m here to lend a helping hand to everyone as we navigate this new lifestyle, whether that means answering group chat questions, navigating Montreal, or having a good study sesh in McMed!

3 key points

  1. Advocate for students by amplifying your voices while representing you to MSS and Faculty. Create an anonymous feedback form as a safe space for you to voice your concerns and opinions as well as advocate for more wellness/mental health protected time in our schedules.
  2. Better flow of information to organize and summarize the main pieces of information that we need. Send recurrent, concise emails that will remind you of deadlines to reduce all the noise.
  3. Preserve our sense of community by facilitating people getting together over shared interests and offering more low-key events for people to continue to bond.

*La version française suit*

Hello Class of 2026! My name is Adam Hassan, and I am delighted to announce my run for Med-1 President. It has been such a pleasure meeting so many of you so far, and I am excited to get to know you all better as we progress through medical school together. It is incredible to be a part of the most diverse cohort in McGill Medicine history. Representation matters so much!

ABOUT ME: I am born and raised in Montreal with a Somali background and grew up speaking both English and French. I did my B.Sc. in Microbiology & Immunology (MIMM) here at McGill and then went on to pursue a soon-to-be-completed Ph.D. in MIMM as well. I highly value the importance of student government and its potential to improve student affairs. My previous experiences include acting as VP Internal 2016 – 2017 (MIMM B.Sc.), VP External 2017 – 2020 (MIMM Ph.D.), Administrative Officer 2021 – 2022 (MIMM Ph.D.), and most recently as part of a student steering committee launching a new Translational Science Certificate program at McGill. These experiences have taught me a lot about student governance and have allowed me to interact much with professors and admin staff of the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences. I hope to utilize all my resources to best represent you as Med-1 President.

You probably have heard of the ABCs of first aid, and we all love mnemonics as medical & dental students. I hope to make my platform just as simple, and it can be summarized by the following three points: Advocacy, Better flow of information, and Community (I tried).


The main job of the President is to represent the class at various meetings and groups within the MSS and the Faculty. At orientation, Dean Eidelman highlighted the message that “our words matter”. I hope to amplify your voices and make sure that our class is not only heard but properly listened to. Over the past few weeks, we have all shared opinions on our experiences thus far, and I want to take that a step further. I would like to start an anonymous feedback form to provide a safe space for everyone to voice their concerns. Nothing changes if we don’t speak up! Suggestions and concerns would then be forwarded to the Faculty so that we can better our student experience. Our wellness is so important, and we have had great talks from the Well Office thus far. As we continue to work hard, we need to make sure to take care of ourselves too. I propose breaks in our schedule for wellness, possibly as a ‘protected time’. And finally, I think we can all use some more chairs & tables for lunch as well as functional microwaves! 😉


We have already been given so much information whether it be in class, at orientation, or by e-mail. It can be quite overwhelming and unfortunately often leads to more questions than answers (S/O to the class group chat). We need a better flow of information so that we can remember what’s most important, what deadlines are coming up, and what’s next to do. To reduce all the noise, I propose another Facebook group chat (jk)! In all seriousness, I would like to implement a very brief weekly or bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) email that would summarize important information and resources. Think of it as a one-stop shop for clear & concise information which would also include a link to the anonymous feedback form (see Advocacy point). And if that doesn’t work out, then together we can find an even better way to make sense of everything. <3


As I mentioned above, meeting everyone has been the main highlight for me so far. I am very excited to be going through FMD with all of you and I hope to preserve this sense of community that has been forming. As school gets busier and as we eventually transition from the classroom to clinical settings, it will seem too easy to scatter and possibly lose touch with one another. Therefore, outside of the main Med-1 social events, I would work together with the Med-1 class council to deliver more low-key events. We’ve seen people already come together over shared interests, i.e., hiking, sports, and food. The Med-1 council could further facilitate this by helping people connect through shared interests.

I hope that these ideas resonate with you, and I look forward to more discussion either virtually or in class! I invite you to also explore the platforms of my fellow candidates. Tune in to speeches on September 6th on Zoom. The voting period takes place from September 8th – 11th. Remember your ABCs and vote for me (Adam)!


Bonjour à la classe de 2026! Je m’appelle Adam Hassan et je suis heureux d’annoncer ma campagne électorale pour Président de Med-1. Ce fût un grand plaisir de rencontrer plusieurs d’entre vous et j’ai hâte de mieux faire votre connaissance au cours de notre parcours scolaire. Notre cohorte est la plus diversifiée de l’histoire de la faculté de médecine à McGill. La diversité est si importante!

À PROPOS DE MOI : Je suis né et j’ai grandi à Montréal avec ma famille somalienne. J’ai complété mon bac en microbiologie et immunologie (MIMM) ici à McGill et j’ai ensuite poursuivi mes études au doctorat (presque complétées!) en MIMM aussi. Je trouve que les associations étudiantes sont très importantes pour faire valoir nos idées et promouvoir une bonne vie étudiante. Dans le passé, j’ai travaillé dans plusieurs positions en tant que VP interne 2016-2017 (MIMM B.Sc.), VP externe 2017-2020 (MIMM Ph.D.), Officier de l’administration 2021-2022 (MIMM Ph.D.), et récemment dans un comité étudiant pour la création d’un nouveau certificat à McGill en science translationnelle. Ces expériences m’ont beaucoup appris sur les conseils d’étudiants et m’ont permis d’interagir avec plusieurs professeurs et membres de l’administration de la faculté de médecine et sciences de la santé. J’espère utiliser toutes mes ressources afin de bien vous représenter en tant que Président de Med-1.

La mnémonique a mieux fonctionné en anglais alors pardonnez-moi, mais les points principaux de ma plateforme sont : l’amplification des voix étudiantes, une meilleure gestion de l’information et maintenir notre sens de la communauté Med-1.


Une des plus grandes responsabilités en tant que Président est de représenter la classe dans des rencontres avec la MSS et la faculté. À notre orientation, le doyen Eidelman a souligné « le poids des mots ». J’espère amplifier vos voix et assurer que notre classe est bien écoutée. Au cours des dernières semaines, on a tous partagé plusieurs opinions sur notre expérience jusqu’à date et j’aimerais pousser ça encore plus loin. Je propose un formulaire anonyme où tous les étudiants sont bienvenus pour exprimer vos soucis. Rien ne changera tant qu’on ne s’exprimera pas. Vos suggestions et soucis seront amenés à la faculté pour améliorer notre vie étudiante. Aussi, notre santé mentale est très importante et on a reçu de bonnes informations de la part du Well Office. J’aimerais proposer plus de temps de repos dans notre horaire. Finalement, je crois qu’on a tous besoin de plus de chaises et de tables pour le dîner ainsi que des micro-ondes qui fonctionnent! 😉


On a reçu beaucoup d’information jusqu’à date en classe, à l’orientation et par courriel. Souvent, ça engendre plus de questions que de réponses malheureusement. On a besoin d’une meilleure gestion de l’information pour qu’on puisse se souvenir de ce qui est le plus important, les dates limites et ce qu’on a à faire prochainement. Pour éviter encore un autre groupe Facebook, je propose des courriels courts à chaque semaine ou aux deux semaines pour résumer toute cette information et les ressources importantes. J’ajouterais aussi le lien au formulaire anonyme (voir le premier point). Et si ça ne fonctionne pas comme idée, on trouvera une autre solution ensemble! <3


Encore une fois, rencontrer tout le monde a été la meilleure partie pour moi jusqu’à date. J’ai hâte de continuer la partie FMD avec vous tous et j’espère qu’on trouvera des moyens de maintenir notre sens de la communauté Med-1. On a tous plusieurs responsabilités et éventuellement on ne se verra pas tous aussi souvent lorsqu’on sera rendu aux hôpitaux et en clinique. Alors, en dehors des événements qui ont lieu normalement en Med-1, j’aimerais travailler avec le conseil étudiant Med-1 pour créer d’autre événements plus relax. Certains d’entre vous se sont déjà regroupés en fonction de vos loisirs partagés (randonnée, sports, restos). Le conseil étudiant Med-1 pourrait faciliter tout ça encore plus en trouvant des moyens de connecter les gens avec des loisirs semblables.

J’espère que vous appréciez ces idées et j’ai hâte de pouvoir discuter avec vous plus tard soit en classe ou en ligne. Je vous invite à lire les plateformes des autres candidats également. Les discours auront lieu le 6 septembre par Zoom. Le vote aura lieu du 8 au 11 septembre. Votez Adam Hassan! 

3 key points

  1. Be a REPRESENTATIVE and a team-player in every sense of the word: I will fight for you and listen to your comments, complaints, concerns, ideas, and opinion regarding the Faculty, our class, the MSS, and my performance as Med-1 president. 
  2. Improve efficiency and quality of communication between Faculty and students as well as between MSS and students: frequency of communication is good, but quality of communication is at least as important.  
  3. Build upon initiatives started by previous Med-1 Presidents to accelerate improvements of student life and wellness: a house cannot be built without solid foundations, and we have some of those foundations already, so let’s use them.   

Hello Med-1s! Bonjour! My name is Elie Fadel, and I am excited to be running for Med-1 President. First, I would like to tell you a bit about myself. I enjoy playing and listening to music, I like hanging out in nature, and I like looking at sculptures and statues. I am always impressed by antiques and historic items found in museums and libraries as well as by collector items. I enjoy the beach and the mountains. I enjoy cooking, and eating of course. I am fluent in French and English. Finally, I am a very social person who unfortunately seems to be very good at making mediocre dad jokes. 

In the past, I have always been involved in representing my different classes. For instance, I was class president for my cohort last year. I have also been president of two student committees, which I have either successfully restructured or founded. I am currently representative of my quintile and of my Osler group. Thus, in brief, I believe that I have a natural flair for leadership. 

I am very well aware of the duties I would have as Med-1 president, if elected. I promise to represent this class to the best of my abilities. I sincerely believe to be a great candidate for this position. Therefore, I now present to you my electoral platform.  

First, I promise to be a representative of our class in every sense of the word. I am a very social person and a careful listener. My messages are open to anyone willing to come voice their concerns. I will also create an anonymous form where you will be able to voice your comments or concerns regarding issues you are facing that you would like to see addressed, or regarding my performance as Med-1 president. Indeed, I believe that a good representative is one who is willing to learn, adapt and change. I am also ready to listen to all ideas you may have for our class, and I will make these a reality. If I find that some ideas require agreement amongst the entire class, I will organize mini referendums where you will get the chance to anonymously input your opinion on the matter. Don’t be shy to voice your concerns: indeed, if I am elected, it will be my job to take care of all the hard emails and questions. I will advocate for you to ensure that your voices are critically heard and valued. 

Second, I promise to continue the work begun by previous Med-1 presidents to improve all aspects of student life and the student experience as a Med-1 student. I believe that all issues and challenges that we’ll face this year have also been relevant topics in previous years, and I trust that previous Med-1 presidents were working on resolving those issues. Therefore, to not have to rebuild everything from the ground up – which would make it much less likely that your issues will be resolved in a timely manner – I promise to maintain communication channels with previous Med-1 presidents to start right where they left off.  

Third, I promise to maintain and improve direct and transparent communication lines between students and the faculty. It is sometimes hard for students to keep up with all the administrative information being released on top of staying up to date in their studies and their social lives. It is also very easy to get lost in all the emails received. I am very aware of this, and I will advocate for better means of communication. Frequency of communication, which previous Med-1 presidents fought for, is good – but quality of communication is as important, if not more important.  

Fourth, I promise to make myself available to students to help them get the information or support that they need regarding their wellness or the FMD curriculum itself.  

Fifth, I promise to maintain very healthy and friendly relationships with all other MSS positions. Alone, the Med-1 President cannot do much. The Med-1 President position only becomes efficient and relevant when there is proper collaboration with the other elected individuals. A whole and healthy Student Government is essential to advocate for better education and lifestyle. 

Sixth, I will fight for an improved MSS. I love the MSS website, but I find it hard to navigate sometimes. I would also be happy to hear your comments regarding how the annex could be improved. I will organize an information session where I will invite MSS Executives to simply discuss the structure of the MSS and how it functions. The MSS is our student association for the next four years, therefore it is essential to have a clear understanding of it as a whole. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform! I hope that it speaks to you. I look forward to continue meeting all of you guys in the upcoming days and weeks. If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer – in French or English. You can contact me on Facebook, Instagram or by email. You can also come talk to me in person!  

Vote for Elie, vote for your serenity. 

3 key points

  1. Make medical and dental education at McGill more equitable: mandatory “recharge” days (2/month) where we have no school to better accommodate working students, parents, immigrants and refugees, and those who need the time off. 
  2. Make medical and dental education at McGill more high yield: computer science fundamentals for medicine and dentistry pilot course and free yearly mock testing for MCCQE/Royal College Licensing Exam for med students and NDECC for dental students 
  3. Make medical and dental education at McGill more welcoming: Repealing the out-of-province CEQ contract to ensure parity for ALL Canadians

Hey everyone, I’m running as class president! I intend to serve and represent YOU in challenging but important discussions with the faculty. As an out-of-province, mature student who worked in the tech industry, I bring a unique perspective from “outside the bubble” of medicine and dentistry. Simultaneously, having attended school through bursaries and needs-based scholarships, I realize how important it is to open up medicine and dentistry to working students, parents, immigrants, refugees, and other marginalized groups. Whether it is machine learning experimentation on clinical text to improve equity of patient outcomes or improving community health in a low income, marginalized community through a running club, I have a track record of bringing new and exciting ideas into healthcare and executing on them. Things don’t need to be the way they are – vote John Chen for innovation and a breath of fresh air! 

3 key points

  1. Adaptability and open communication
  2. Fierce **Lawyer** level negotiating for the top venues and activities
  3. Inclusion and diversity in activities to honour our cohort’s diversity

3 points clés

  1. Adaptabilité et communication transparente
  2. Négociation acharnée de niveau **avocat** pour les lieux et les activités les plus importants
  3. Inclusion et diversité dans les activités pour honorer la diversité de notre cohorte

**La version française suivra**

I would like to begin by acknowledging the unceded Indigenous lands on which we gather virtually today. Montreal is on land which long served as a site of meeting and exchange amongst Indigenous peoples, including the Haudenosaunee and Anishinabeg nations.

Hello Class of 2026! 

My name is Daniel Chow, and I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the Med-1 class representative position this year (social rep). It has been an amazing pleasure meeting all of you at the various events, and I am eager to meet those with whom I have yet to speak, as well as become even closer to those with whom I have already spoken, as we go on this medical journey together. As a medical student from a nontraditional background and a person of colour myself, I applaud the diversity in this year’s class. As the most diverse cohort of medical students at McGill (ever), we are making history together, and I am excited to see how this will translate into social life in the faculty of medicine. Those who know me well know that I am a strong supporter of diversity and inclusion in all parts of life, whether cultural, social, or intellectual. By running for Med-1 co-class representative this year, I hope to be able to emphasise such considerations in the planning of our social events.

ABOUT ME: I was born and raised in a Chinese-speaking family in Montreal-Ottawa. Only later in school did I learn English, French, and German, instilling in me a love of languages and a deeper appreciation of the value of culture and language quirks in one’s identity. After finishing my French Baccalaureate, I pursued a joint BCL/JD (law) degree at the University of Ottawa, working in various representation and advocacy roles during the academic year. My previous experiences include serving as a senator of the law faculty (2020-22), a member of the university’s diversity and inclusion working group (2018-20), a member of the university’s covid academic regulations commissions (2020-21), and a faculty representative to the Canadian Bar Association (2020-21), the equivalent of the Canadian Medical Association but for legal professionals. These experiences have taught me the value of representation and advocacy in a formal academic setting, and by applying for the social rep seat today, I hope to apply what I’ve learned to improve our faculty’s social life in the hopes of making it a relaxed, laid-back, and inclusive safe space for all.

We’ve all worked exceedingly hard to get to where we are today, and if we worked so hard, we have to play just as hard. I hope you will give me the chance to represent you this year, and I am always available to chat with any of you if you have any questions!

Here are a few key points of my platform: 

  1. Adaptability and open communication: As COVID measures fade away and we return to pre-pandemic life, our joint objective as class reps is to restore the social culture and traditions of the faculty of medicine that had been lost due to COVID. This would involve a return to block parties, end-of-year festivities, and the famous medicine sky trip, and we will be tasked with organising such iconic events safely and responsibly. Obviously since this will be a transition year because of COVID for many activities, things will not be perfect and as such, we plan on having a rating scale for each event (like the ones we have in FMD after each class), in order to continuously improve the various events. This will act as a means to honestly give us your feedback on what has to be improved for later events. 
  2. Fierce **Lawyer** level negotiating for the top venues and activities: Our responsibilities as class representatives will include organising block parties, formal gatherings, and more broadly, wholesome get-togethers. As your class representatives, we will conduct surveys to determine which venues and places are most appealing to the cohort. We will then contact and negotiate with such venues and places to ensure that the cohort has access to the best venues at the lowest possible cost. As a former legal professional with experience in the field of litigation and advocacy, I will work hard to make every paid event as high yield as possible, giving you the most bang for your buck.
  3. Inclusion and diversity in activities to honour our cohort’s diversity: Our cohort is very diverse this year, and social events should reflect this. We will have the opportunity to cooperate with various organisations and student leaders in our cohort to organise themed events that promote our various cultures (for example, asian food night, east European food night, salsa dancing events, etc…).

Inclusion and diversity should not be limited to cultural identities, but should also consider the various personalities that present in our cohort. As a result, a balance between parties and more wholesome events will be created in order to suit all students in the cohort, ensuring that everyone has a place to meet and have fun at the end of or between blocks.

Thanks a ton in advance for all your support, and do not hesitate to reach out either in person / email (, or by FB if you have questions! 

Daniel Chow

French bellow : 

J’aimerais commencer par reconnaître les terres autochtones non cédées sur lesquelles nous sommes virtuellement réunis aujourd’hui. Montréal se trouve sur des terres qui ont longtemps servi de lieu de rencontre et d’échange entre les peuples autochtones, notamment les nations Haudenosaunee et Anishinabeg.

Salut Classe de 2026 ! 

Je m’appelle Daniel Chow, et je suis ravi d’annoncer ma candidature au poste de représentant de classe Med-1 cette année (représentant social). J’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à vous rencontrer lors des divers événements, et j’ai hâte de rencontrer ceux avec qui je n’ai pas encore parlé, ainsi que de me rapprocher de ceux avec qui j’ai pu échanger, alors que nous entreprenons ensemble, ce voyage en médecine. En tant qu’étudiant en médecine issu d’un parcours non traditionnel et en tant que personne de couleur, j’applaudis la diversité de la classe de cette année. En tant que cohorte d’étudiants en médecine la plus diversifiée de l’histoire de McGill, nous écrivons une page d’histoire ensemble, et je suis impatient de voir comment cela se traduira dans la vie sociale de la faculté de médecine. Ceux qui me connaissent bien savent que je suis un ardent défenseur de la diversité et de l’inclusion dans tous les aspects de la vie, qu’ils soient culturels, sociaux ou intellectuels. En me présentant au poste de représentant de la cohorte Med-1 cette année, j’espère pouvoir mettre l’accent sur ces considérations dans la planification de nos événements sociaux.

À PROPOS DE MOI : Je suis né et j’ai grandi dans une famille de langue chinoise à Montréal-Ottawa. Ce n’est que plus tard à l’école que j’ai appris l’anglais, le français et l’allemand, ce qui m’a inculqué un amour des langues et une appréciation plus profonde de la valeur de la culture et des particularités linguistiques dans l’identité d’une personne. Après avoir terminé mon baccalauréat français, j’ai poursuivi un programme combiné BCL/JD (droit) à l’Université d’Ottawa, travaillant dans divers rôles de représentation et de défense pendant l’année académique. J’ai notamment été sénateur de la faculté de droit (2020-22), membre du groupe de travail sur la diversité et l’inclusion de l’université (2018-20), membre des commissions des règlements académiques covid de l’université (2020-21), et représentant de la faculté auprès de l’Association du Barreau canadien (2020-21), l’équivalent de l’Association médicale canadienne mais pour les professionnels du droit. Ces expériences m’ont appris la valeur de la représentation et du lobbying dans un cadre académique formel, et en postulant pour le poste de représentant social aujourd’hui, j’espère appliquer ce que j’ai appris pour améliorer la vie sociale de notre faculté dans l’espoir d’en faire un espace détendu, décontracté et inclusif pour tous.

Nous avons tous travaillé très dur pour arriver là où nous sommes aujourd’hui, et si nous avons travaillé si dur, nous devons également nous divertir tout autant. J’espère que vous me donnerez la chance de vous représenter cette année, et je suis toujours disponible pour discuter avec chacun d’entre vous si vous avez des questions !

Voici quelques points clés de ma plateforme : 

  1. Adaptabilité et communication transparente : Alors que les mesures COVID s’estompent et que nous retournons à la vie pré-pandémique, notre objectif commun en tant que représentants de classe est de restaurer la culture sociale et les traditions de la faculté de médecine qui ont été perdues à cause de la COVID. Cela impliquera un retour aux fêtes de bloc, aux festivités de fin d’année et au célèbre voyage de sky de la médecine, et nous serons chargés d’organiser ces événements emblématiques de manière sûre et responsable. Évidemment, comme il s’agira d’une année de transition à cause de la COVID pour de nombreuses activités, les choses ne seront pas parfaites et, à ce titre, nous prévoyons d’avoir une grille d’évaluation pour chaque événement (comme celles que nous avons en FMD après chaque cours), afin d’améliorer continuellement les différents événements. Ce sera un moyen de nous donner honnêtement votre avis sur ce qui doit être amélioré pour les événements à venir. 
  2. Négociation acharnée de niveau **avocat** pour les lieux et les activités les plus importants : Nos responsabilités en tant que représentants de classe comprendront l’organisation de fêtes de blocs, de rassemblements formels et, plus largement, de rencontres chaleureuses. En tant que représentants de classe, nous mènerons des sondages pour déterminer quels sont les lieux les plus attrayants pour la cohorte. Nous contacterons ensuite ces lieux et négocierons avec eux pour nous assurer que la cohorte a accès aux meilleurs lieux au coût le plus bas possible. En tant qu’ancien professionnel du droit ayant de l’expérience dans le domaine du litige et du plaidoyer, je m’efforcerai de faire en sorte que chaque événement payant soit le plus rentable possible, afin que vous en ayez pour votre argent.
  3. Inclusion et diversité dans les activités pour honorer la diversité de notre cohorte : Notre cohorte est très diversifiée cette année, et les événements sociaux doivent le refléter. Nous aurons l’occasion de coopérer avec diverses organisations et leaders étudiants de notre cohorte pour organiser des événements à thème qui mettent en valeur nos différentes cultures (par exemple, soirée de nourriture asiatique, soirée de nourriture est-européenne, événements de danse salsa, etc…).

L’inclusion et la diversité ne doivent pas se limiter aux identités culturelles, mais doivent également tenir compte des différentes personnalités présentes dans notre cohorte. Par conséquent, un équilibre entre les fêtes et les événements plus sains et chaleureux sera créé afin de convenir à tous les étudiants de la cohorte, en veillant à ce que chacun ait un endroit où se rencontrer et s’amuser à la fin ou entre les blocs.

Merci beaucoup d’avance pour votre soutien, et n’hésitez pas à me parler en personne, par e-mail ( ou par FB si vous avez des questions ! 

Daniel Chow

3 key points

  1. My goal this year would be to facilitate big and small events where everyone can have a great time, break the ice and get to know each other outside of our comfort zones. The purpose in mind is to build healthy relationships within our classmates and future colleagues!
  2. Paralleling my goal of creating diverse social events for our cohort, I want to promote student well-being as well as a safe and welcoming space for everyone attending.
  3. I want to ensure active communication (i.e., all important information regarding social events will be posted on our Facebook page, medicine messenger chat and via e-mail), variety in our social activities, and collaboration with MSS clubs.

Hello everyone! My name is Jimin and I am very excited to announce that I am running for the position of Med-1 class representative J (aka social rep) for the 2022-2023 academic year.

As a co-class representative, I will be mainly responsible for planning and coordinating fun, inclusive, and stress-free events for the class of 2026.

As many of you know, this year has the largest cohort size entering McGill medical school, which by forth composes a well diverse cultural, social, and academic backgrounds. My prominent goal would be to facilitate big and small events that will help build positive relations within our classmates to hopefully last long past our 4 years of medical school.

A little bit about me — Within the recent years, I have had the pleasure of serving as new and international student officer (2019-2020) and Douglas representative (2020-2021) for the Graduate Students’ Association for Neuroscience, and as VP volunteer & outreach (2020-2021) for Stronger Than Stigma McGill. On top of my goal of creating diverse social events for our cohort, I want to promote student well-being and inclusivity for everyone attending.

If I become one of the two class representatives, I want to ensure few points:

✨ active communication ✨: I know there are a lot of things to keep tract of in each block and info can be easily missed à do not fret, all information (deadlines for sign up, information on payment, details of the events) will be posted on our class of 2026 Facebook page, medicine messenger chat, as well as via e-mail.

✨ variety in our social activities ✨: Usually each year, there are two big events: Ski Trip and end of year party (right after block H and before our summer vacation). We will also have block parties in between and depending on your preferences and on our budget, we can incorporate other activities (e.g.: scavenger hunt, roller disco night, combat archery, Halloween party, best meme contest, skating, snowman competition, etc). For anyone with event suggestions, I want to be the medium to listen in and help bring those creative ideas to light!

✨collaboration with MSS clubs ✨: Aligned with my point #2, if possible, I would like to collaborate with MSS clubs to promote student interest and participation within the medical students’ society.

Thank you for your support and feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any questions! Jimin (

3 key points

  1. I plan to keep our financial budget in the most organized and transparent manner, employing the latest available software like Money Manager to ensure optimal financial integrity.
  2. I plan to explore as many opportunities as possible for sponsorship and grants within the University, public and private sector.
  3. I plan to work collaboratively with the rest of the student council to ensure everyone has an opportunity to fund planned events and enrich our medical student experience at McGill University.

Hello, my name is Julia and I’m excited to be running for the position of M1 treasurer of our student council! I have a rich academic and extracurricular background that I’m sure will be an asset in my responsibilities. I’m originally from Toronto and completed my Bachelor of Science degree in neuroscience and psychology as well as a Masters of Science degree in rehabilitation science from the University of Toronto. During my studies I was actively involved in student government in the positions of Student Union representative and Student Council Vice President where I was able to allocate and work within a contraint budget to organize and lead advocacy events, workshops and seminars for graduate students. As a co-founder of a podcast, the RehabINK podcast, I served as the treasurer for two years managing our budget and applying for funding opportunities while ensuring we had a sufficient for all planned episodes. During this time I realized how much I enjoyed financial integrity and became skilled at finding novel sponsors, grants and scholarships to fund the various initiatives we desired to carry out. I trust I will be able to handle the responsibilities this position will require of me. 

3 key points

  1. Expand and negotiate our merch/apparel sale.
  2. Publicize financial statements at the end of each semester.
  3. Negotiate sponsorships for events and external resources.

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Petrecca and I am very excited to be running for the MSS

Montreal Class Treasurer. Throughout my time as an undergraduate and graduate student at McGill, I have been involved in many leadership roles and have learned valuable skills that have help prepare me for this role. Specifically, I was the treasurer for the McGill Tennis Team and the Goodman Cancer Institute’s Students’ Society. I was also the VP of Communications for the Anatomy and Cell Biology Students’ Society. I am very experienced when it comes to organizing merch/apparel sales, securing sponsorships, and creating budgets. I am organized, reliable, attentive, and care for the well-being of our student body (and their finances).

If I were elected, my primary focus would be to accomplish the following: 

  1. Expand and negotiate our merch/apparel sale:
    HOODIES! SWEATPANTS! OUR FAVOURITES! Nothing better than studying in some comfy sweats with a warm cup of coffee in hand. Actually… Maybe studying with some McGill Med gear would be even better! If elected, I would use my previous experiences working with merch suppliers and offer a wider variety of options to students, such as agendas, notepads, notebooks, water bottles, socks, etc. I also hope to negotiate prices for both our apparel and shipping costs.
  2. Publicize financial statements at the end of each semester:
    Keeping our society accountable and being transparent is of utmost importance to me. I want you, the students, to trust us with your money and how we use it.
  3. Negotiate sponsorships for events and external resources:
    We all love a good deal! As treasurer, I would help other council members when it comes to negotiating deals with sponsors for events and will go out of my way to contact different organizations across the community to get discounts for all of you. I also plan on consulting students when it comes to the society’s fundraising events to ensure that everyone is excited about what we have to offer.

Feel free to message me with any questions you may have. If you think my ideas are beneficial for you, please consider voting for me!

3 key points

  1. ACTION. My main goal as VP Global Health Jr. will be to make a real and sustainable CHANGE not only locally, but also on a larger scale. I have seen too many committees with amazing project ideas go nowhere by a lack of a structured action plan to concretize them and leadership. My action plan : assessing the needs and priorities of communities, proposing concrete solutions and ideas and most importantly implementing interventions. From food security, to environmental issues passing by Indigenous’ and women’s health, to name just a few, we can and are going to make a difference!
  2. COLLECTIVITY. I will prioritize collaboration between the MSS and external bodies, such as CFMS and IFMSA, in order to coordinate global health projects on a larger scale. Don’t forget, teamwork makes the dream work! I also promise to always seek your opinion and ideas as to which changes you want to see in our community by always being reachable and available and by asking for your input.
  3. EDUCATION. In order to advocate for equitable access to health care for all, we need to educate ourselves and others. With that being said, I want to provide you with unique opportunities to learn more about global health issues and initiatives taking place at McGill and abroad through the organization of talks and panels, the coordination of workshops and the creation of a podcast.

Hi everyone!

My name is Kacylia Roy Proulx, and I am a Med-1 student at the Montreal campus. I am very excited to be running to be your

VP Global Health Jr. for the 2022-2023 academic year!

Why do I run for VP Global Health?

As a globetrotter, I witnessed too many health inequities around the globe. I have since made it my mission to use my privilege to do my part and contribute to alleviate these inequities. Being VP Global Health will help me pursue my goal by growing my network and use my voice to initiate real and impactful change locally and globally!

Why should you vote for me?

I think that what makes me stand out from the other candidates is my deep passion and interest in global health. I strongly believe that great leadership is driven by passion because this is what motivates a leader to keep going despite the numerous difficulties encountered. Indeed, I have taken part in many global health initiatives around the globe which strengthened my inspiration to pursue a medical career with a more global perspective. For example, I participated in a global health fellowship with the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children, which aims to increase access to medical care in developing countries and I volunteered in a mobile clinic in Lima in order to meet the vital need for healthcare in communities deprived of medical resources. I am also involved in the Canadian Global Surgery Trainees’ Alliance as I organize panels and conferences to educate and engage medical students in global surgery advocacy and research. I also took the initiative of establishing a network of manufacturing and distribution of environmentally friendly feminine hygiene products to shelters in order to meet the needs of homeless women and contribute to the fight against climate change, a project on which I am still currently working on. I also believe that I am a strong candidate for this position as I possess some crucial competencies for this position, such as collaboration, leadership, communication and problem-solving. As the founder and president of two companies, I have a lot of experience in adopting a leadership role and facing difficulties.

What do I propose?

My main goal : work on concrete projects to make a real and sustainable change locally, but also on a larger scale. The only three words you need to retain from my campaign are : ACTION, COLLECTIVITY and EDUCATION. Firstly, I have seen too many committees with amazing project ideas go nowhere by a lack of a structured action plan to concretize them and leadership. But, this time has come to an end. If you elect me as VP Global Health, I can promise you that REAL AND CONCRETE THINGS WILL BE DONE in order to improve health equity. Secondly, I will also prioritize collaboration between the MSS and external bodies, such as CFMS and IFMSA, in order to coordinate global health projects on a larger scale. Don’t forget, teamwork makes the dream work! I also promise to always seek your opinion and ideas as to which changes you want to see in our community by always being reachable and available and by asking for your input. Thirdly, in order to advocate for equitable access to health care for all, we need to educate ourselves and others. With that being said, I want to provide you with unique opportunities to learn more about global health issues and initiatives taking place at McGill and abroad through the organization of talks and panels, the coordination of workshops and the creation of a podcast.

Some of my ideas include :

  • Creation of a podcast to disseminate news and opportunities regarding global health
  • Implementation of a network of manufacturing and distribution of environmentally friendly feminine hygiene products to shelters to meet the needs of homeless women
  • Christmas baskets for impoverished families
  • Food/clothing collection
  • Creation of a volunteering program in elderly homes to break isolation –  Respond to calls for action for the equal access to vaccination –      Any of your ideas to help the world!

Your voice matters, our voices matter. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world!

Thank you for reading and for your support! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime on Messenger, by email, or on this page!

And don’t forget to support the amazing people running for the other positions!

d how much I enjoyed financial integrity and became skilled at finding novel sponsors, grants and scholarships to fund the various initiatives we desired to carry out. I trust I will be able to handle the responsibilities this position will require of me. 

Outaouais Campus

3 points clés

  1. Développer des ressources d’étude efficaces
  2. Organiser des activités interactives
  3. Vous défendre académiquement

Bonjour à tous,

C’est un plaisir de me présenter aux élections de la MSS pour m’impliquer dans un rôle qui me tient à cœur. Je souhaite vous proposer un programme sérieux pour optimiser votre temps, votre expérience académique, mais avant tout ouvert ainsi que flexible à vos idées et, au final, rentabiliser mon café et mes heures de sommeil perdues.


Développer des ressources d’étude efficaces

Au risque d’en surprendre certains, la quantité de matériel en médecine est énorme : 3000 slides vous attendent à la fin de chaque bloc. Puisque votre temps est précieux mais aussi dans une optique d’efficacité et de productivité, je propose de rédiger après chaque cours un one-page summary qui vous permettra d’avoir tous les éléments importants en une seule page. Afin de poursuivre le travail des précédents représentants académiques, je m’engagerai d’autant plus à poursuivre le développement de Ankis et à continuer ma communication avec eux!

Organiser des activités interactives

Vous êtes préoccupés par vos simulations de patients ou par votre prochain examen? Mon but est de transformer ce stress en motivation. Je compte préparer des simulations d’entrevues occasionnellement pour vous permettre de vous pratiquer, de partager vos rétroactions mais aussi d’en recevoir. Selon vos attentes, je souhaite organiser des quiz « kahoot! » et planifier/structurer des study groups en fonction de vos demandes. À la fin de chaque bloc, quoi de mieux que d’avoir les conseils de med-2 pour vous préparer à l’examen!

Vous défendre académiquement

Peut-être avez-vous besoin de temps pour dormir, allez au gym ou même prendre soin de votre enfant. Mon objectif est de représenter vos demandes et attentes à l’égard du campus. Avec moi, vous saurez au début de chaque semaine quelles sont les classes high yield et obligatoires, les dates limites et toute autre information importante. Je m’engage à promouvoir positivement les enregistrements et l’accès aux lectures, tout cela pour vous offrir un confort académique! J’ai bien hâte de pouvoir mettre à profit mes idées!

3 points clés

  1. Organiser des sessions d’étude de groupes
  2. Partager et coordonner les ressources et rappels
  3. Écouter les étudiants, et transmettre leurs préoccupations et suggestions à la direction

En tant qu’étudiants au campus Outaouais, nous avons la chance d’être peu nombreux et ainsi nous avons l’opportunité de bien se connaitre. Ceci permet une collaboration académique entre les élèves et la formation d’un esprit d’équipe. Je me présente comme VP académique afin de fournir le support nécessaire pour que mes camarades puissent profiter de notre petite communauté, et pour les aider à réussir au courant de l’année.

De l’entraide dans l’étude :

Tout d’abord, j’ai pour but d’organiser des sessions d’études en groupes selon les besoins et la volonté de la cohorte. Ces dernières auront lieu une, deux, ou trois fois par blocs dépendamment de vos préférences. J’enverrai un formulaire avant les sessions pour que vous puissiez indiquer les sujets que vous tenez le plus à réviser.

Partage des connaissances :

En plus de vérifier que les enregistrements et power points soient publié à temps sur MyCourses, j’organiserai un système de création de résumés de cours. Ces derniers seront dans le même principe que les NTCs fortement appréciés en Med-P. Les élèves participants s’inscriront sur une base volontaire. Je réviserai ensuite les résumés avant leur distribution à toute la cohorte pour ajuster la mise en page afin qu’ils soient dans un format convenable à tous les étudiants. Cette méthode pourra être sujette à modifications suites à vos rétroactions. En outre, j’enverrai des rappels à l’égard de notre horaire en début de semaine, qui incluront notamment un résumé des courriels « Info-MDCM ». Bref, je prendrai la responsabilité de m’assurer que vous soyez tous au courant des dernières nouvelles et que vous ayez des ressources d’études de qualité.

Je m’engage à être à l’écoute de vos inquiétudes et de faire mon possible pour mettre en place vos suggestions en parlant avec la direction. Au courant de l’année, que ce soit durant une pause ou après les cours, je serai disponible à tout moment pour discuter, socialiser et prendre de vos nouvelles. Ainsi, je serai en bonne mesure pour faire en sorte que vos idées académiques prennent vie. Pour conclure, je me considère comme étant une personne organisée et déterminée ; des qualités qui me permettront de faire en sorte que votre parcours scolaire se déroule dans les meilleures circonstances.

3 key points

  1. Plus d’opportunités d’implication au Campus de l’Outaouais
  2. Promouvoir le campus de l’Outaouais au près des futurs étudiants en médecine
  3. Représentation des étudiants auprès de la direction

Des implications en Outaouais, pour l’Outaouais.

L’un de mes objectifs est de mettre sur pied plus de clubs et de groupes d’intérêt au Campus de l’Outaouais. Les clubs pourront ainsi s’associer avec les organismes de la région. De cette manière, nous connaitrons davantage l’Outaouais, ses services, ses enjeux en matière de santé, et pourront donc mieux contribuer à son développement. Nous acquerrons ainsi un plus grand sentiment d’appartenance envers cette région qui a tant à offrir.

Dans la même suite d’idée, en collaboration avec le/la représentante sociale de l’Outaouais, j’organiserai des activités découvertes pour mieux connaitre les richesses de la région. Je pense notamment à un weekend canot-camping, du rafting, des spectacles et bien plus!

Le campus Outaouais, un campus de choix

Lors des séances d’informations auprès des futurs étudiants en médecine, je m’engage à promouvoir tous les avantages d’étudier au campus de l’Outaouais.

Former des médecins pour la région

Afin de découvrir ce qu’est la médecine en région dans un autre milieu que l’Outaouais, j’ai à cœur l’organisation de « La petite séduction ». C’est en un séjour de quelques jours dans une région du Québec. En collaboration avec l’agence touristique de la région et le centre hospitalier de ville d’accueil, j’organiserai des activités pour connaitre la région et une visite de l’hôpital.

Une représentation des étudiants auprès de la direction

Je m’engage à bâtir une relation de confiance avec la direction et ainsi bien faire valoir nos idées et nos préoccupations. Afin de m’assurer de représenter l’ensemble des étudiants de la classe, j’irai au prêt d’eux pour savoir comment ils vont et s’ils ont des commentaires à faire part à la direction. Par souci de confidentialité, je mettrai à la disposition des élèves un formulaires anonyme à remplir en ligne pour me faire part de toutes situations et suggestions. 

Avec Montréal

Bien que je souhaite que le campus de l’Outaouais obtienne plus d’autonomie, cela ne signifie pas pour autant de couper les ponts avec Montréal. Au contraire! Les deux campus ont beaucoup à apporter à l’autre. Nos expériences différentes bonifieront nos discussions pour améliorer le programme. Je m’engage à ce que les activités et les comités ayant lieu à Montréal soit accessibles aux étudiants du campus de l’Outaouais.

3 points clés

  1. Organisation d’un weekend au Chalet.
  2. Un party d’Halloween trop méga cool.
  3. Pleines de petites activitées surprises. 

Salut, moi c’est Cariane ! je serais vraiment intéressée d’être votre VP-Social. Je suis prête à créer des événements extraordinaires !

Votez pour moi !

Voici ce que vous pourriez y gagner :

  • Organisation d’un weekend au Chalet.
  • Un party d’Halloween trop méga cool.
  • Pleines de petites activitées surprises. 

3 key points

  1. Being a good listener
  2. Promote wellness
  3. An enjoyable year for all

Dear fellow classmates,

It is with great pleasure and honor to be submitting my candidacy Med-2 class (social) representative for Outaouais campus class of 2025.

Throughout my academic career, I have had the privilege to be part of numerous organizations to help bolster my experiences and qualifications as a class representative. First of all, I am a council member of a medical student led initiative called Coda, which is officially in collaboration with the Canadian cancer society and partnered with 9 Universities and CEGEPs across Canada, where we focus on raising funds for patients who are fighting cancer and organizing events to raise awareness for cancer. In this regard, my objectives were to acquire new members, sponsors, and establish Coda seeds in various academic institutions to expand Coda, where I have developed interpersonal and communication skills, learned how to be collaborative and a team player, be reliable, and organized. It also helped me realize how important it is to strengthen a community and promote wellness. In addition, since high school up until now, I have numerous experiences in conducting scientific research studies in various renowned labs in the MUHC. I presented my new findings in various conferences and workshops, which helped develop my presenting/communication skills, and accept critical feedback.  Moreover, I have experience as a camp counselor for more than 6 years where I would help operate and come up with daily activities, tutor with sports programs, science activities, and tell various stories. This helped develop my collaboration skills with other counselors, my supervision skills, develop my skills in a managerial role, and also helped my cooperative skills.

With all my accumulated experiences, I would love to give my best in representing my fellow classmates and provide them with the finest events during a tough and demanding academic year. As the year progresses from FMD to TCP, with caution to COVID regulations, not only am I willing to come up with events that are flexible for everyone, enjoyable, as well as mentally relaxing, I am willing to act as a liaison for students to the MSS council about their concerns, ideas, and make sure the class is well-represented and provide the best possible student life. My three main points for my electoral platform:

  • Being a good listener
  • Promote wellness
  • An enjoyable year for all

I believe all events must incorporate all three main points to be successful, as wellness, being a good listener, and making sure everyone is having fun during a tough year of academics can help create new bonds that can last a very long time. Not only do I plan to keep the current events such as game/wellness nights, but I also plan to organize events such as paintball, Go Karting, rafting, Holiday events like Christmas or Halloween parties, and sports events with sports that can cater to everyone’s interest and help promote physical activity, and maybe even monthly dinners as a collective to share each other’s memorable stories and to help relieve stress. Most importantly, I am open to listen to everyone’s ideas for any events that they have in mind and I am extremely looking forward to collaborating with the Montreal campus for activities where both the Outaouais and Montreal campus can enjoy as a collective. Thank you so much for the opportunity and with my perseverance, hard work, innovation, and your support, I believe I can fulfil the role as the Med-2 class (social) representative for Outaouais campus class of 2025.