Candidates – MD-PhD Rep ’21-’22

Julia Luo

3 key points

  1. To serve as a two-way liaison between the McGill MD-PhD Society and the MSS
  2. To advocate for the unique needs and wants of MD students doing additional research training during their medical program
  3. To use multiple avenues (in person, online messaging, email, etc) to understand student perspectives in all levels of training

As your MD-PhD representative, I aim to advocate for the needs of MD-PhD students and those who seek to take a leave of absence to do additional research training during their undergraduate medical program. I intend to make sure their voices are heard as students who see such training as a continuous part of their medical education at McGill. As a member of the General MSS Council, I will ensure timely communication with the MD-PhD Student Society and the MSS on matters affecting MD-PhD students. Altogether, I hope to play a role in reducing the disconnect that MD+ trainees experience and advocate for their specific needs both during their MD years and during the years of their research training.