Kashif Khan

Key points:

  • Plan social events that foster connection 
  • Build a safe and inclusive Med-1 atmosphere 
  • Advocate for events that give us the medical school experience we dreamed of 


What is the meaning of life? For many of us, it may be becoming a dentist or physician to help patients. Or perhaps it’s making a big social impact on society? For myself, I derive meaning from bringing people together. Becoming your next Med-1 Social Representative is more than just a job for me, it’s destiny. 


My name is Kashif Khan, and I know times are hard but I’m here to tell you not to give up hope. I bring 27 years of experience in planning social events to MSS. As a child, my cries brought people together. As an adolescent, my changing body would draw attention and facilitate a friendly atmosphere. And finally, as an adult, I’ve honed my active listening, interpersonal and public speaking skills to plan events that foster connection. Who do you want to see as your next Social Representative? Someone with 7 years of frosh experience? An up and coming DJ (follow me on Soundcloud)? Or how about someone who gets energy from social interaction. I am all of these things, and more. 


Social interaction can look like a myriad of things such as online yoga sessions, karaoke in the park, and maybe even a socially distant ski trip? If you vote for me, I promise to spend the year focusing on you (as well as medicine), and how together we can plan safe and inclusive events that foster connection. COVID -19 may have affected us, but it will not stop us. After all, it’s our party we can do what we want – Miley Cyrus 


Kashif Khan

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