Kevin Zhao

Key points:

  • Organize collaborative academic resources like student-made question banks and block summary notes, Zoom study sessions grouped by study method, and mock lab exams
  • Ensure smooth logistics with chronologically organized course material, timely posting of slides and recordings, and a Q&A fb group for MyCourses, One45, Minerva
  • Campus Outaouais: faire part de vos diverses préoccupations au directeur du cours et toujours maintenir une communication constante 


Hey guys! 

I’m Kevin Zhao and I am running to be your Med-1 Academic representative. I am sure you are all pressed for time, so I’ll keep this as concise as possible. 

A bit about me: I’ve been the captain of competitive and varsity basketball teams since I was a young prodigy up until my last Cegep days. Apart from learning the art of breaking ankles, these cumulative years of valuable experience have taught me how to lead by example on and off the court. I further applied and developed these skills last year as one of two Vice Presidents of Academics in the Med-P/Dent-P Student Association (MDSA). In this position, I organized and led exam review sessions, moderated course-specific Facebook groups, provided reminders for quizzes and assignment due dates, and shared my personal Ankis with the cohort (as I am equally open to doing this year!). I am confident that this very recent experience ensures that I have the skills to back up my ideas.

After discussing with the former Academic Rep, other second year students, and Med-1 students coming from various backgrounds, I have developed a platform with realistic initiatives that can truly make a difference. These fall under the general categories of academic resources, academic logistics, and initiatives for the Outaouais campus: 

Academic resources

We all have amazing resources to share – but it can feel overwhelming. To mitigate this, I plan on organizing:

  • Collaborative block question banks for each block (Google Doc or Notion)
  • A place to share Ankis, Quizlets, and other flashcards (Google Drive)
  • Block summary notes (synthesized notes)
  • Zoom study and review sessions (form groups by preferred study method)
  • Histology quiz Q’s and A’s (I already made a Notion)
  • Mock ringer exams (histology and pathology)
  • Surveys mid-block and post-block to gauge performance and identify issues
  • Shared group study spaces in McIntyre Medical Building (conditions permitting!) 


Academic logistics 

To minimize logistical issues, I plan on implementing and ensuring:

  • Q&A facebook group for: MyCourses, One45, Minerva 
  • Chronologically organized MyCourses material
  • Slides posted 12 hrs before lectures, recordings posted within 24 hrs after
    • Will be in contact with IT, Course Director, and Course Administrator
  • Ensure lectures end on time
    • Will be in contact with Course Administrator
  • Act as general liaison with Course Director (voice our collective concerns)


Campus Outaouais

Il va sans dire que vous avez beaucoup à gérer! Voici mes idées après avoir eu nos discussions: 

  • Assurer un accès continu à tous les enregistrements de cours et au matériel en anglais
  • Faire part de vos préoccupations au directeur du cours (traduction, mettre l’accent sur certaine matière)
  • Je suis toujours ouvert à vos suggestions!


I definitely have other ideas in the vault, and I am always open to feedback and suggestions, just message me on facebook! As you may have sensed from my platform, I am straightforward, down to earth, and very solution oriented. I truly believe I can be a strong academic leader for our cohort, in part by encouraging collective collaboration among us. 

With that being said, please feel free to message me anytime if you have questions, or if you are down to contribute to a specific initiative, or just down to talk about the Raptors winning the championship:)


Kevin Zhao

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