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“McGill Teddy Bear Hospital” is the McGill chapter of an interistablishment IFMSA-Qc project. We aim to expose young children to the healthcare system in a less intimidating way. Our goal is to shift their perspective regarding the medical field from one of fear to a more positive outlook. We want to encourage children to have a more comfortable relationship with the hospital environment and increase their awareness of the reality of some of their peers.
Currently, we are working on an animated series of video capsules that will be diffused in schools throughout Quebec to help children better understand the medical system and different conditions (e.g. ADHD, Autism…). Eventually, we plan on hosting an in person event which will consist of multiple stations where each child’s teddy bear can experience different situations within the healthcare system and interact with various medical professionals. As such, we want to emphasize the collaboration across the different health care workers. Furthermore, these stations will teach the children different healthy behaviours which include balanced diet, good dental hygiene and active lifestyle, amongst others. Finally, the event will welcome schools from a low socioeconomic status so that it can have the greatest impact on the health of our population.

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