MSS Peds ER Project (MPER)

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The MSS Peds ER Project is an outreach club composed of 5 club executives as well as volunteers stemming from all 4 years of the M.D.C.M program. We aim to raise awareness about the burden and sometimes unnecessary use of emergency room resources in Quebec, which leads to overcrowding and suboptimal wait times for patient’s whose concerns could have been managed in other settings such as primary care. Our goal is to educate parents with pediatrician-reviewed, up-to-date information on common pediatric emergency clinical issues that would bring them to visit the ER, with a focus on newcomers in Montreal who are not as used to navigating our healthcare system. This would equip parents with basic concepts allowing them to make more informed choices when seeking help for their child. We plan on visiting schools to offer bilingual and trilingual presentations to the parents of elementary school children. We aim to present the various other healthcare ressources available in Quebec, to show them where sign up for a family doctor, to provide a list of clinics where they can go if they need to see a doctor, information pamphlets and possibly videos as well.

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