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Developments in technology have been slowly reaching the realms that border on science fiction. On multiple fronts, technology has not only become crucial to our day-to-day lives, but also instrumental in current day health assessment, monitoring, as well as disease prevention even beyond the clinical setting. The difficulties ensued from the pandemic have highlighted the need for developments and innovations in healthcare technology on a population level, where individuals can stay connected to their physical well-being and take control of their own body with mobile health and wearable technology.

We believe that beyond being aware of technology that students may encounter in the clinical wards, it is critical for medical and dental students to understand the ethical concerns technology poses as well as to gain hands-on experience in creating innovative solutions to solve current problems in healthcare through collaboration with students in tech-related fields. Furthermore, we wish to provide resources for future practitioners who are interested in tech start-ups by connecting them with partners from relevant faculties, experts in the industry, mentors and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

MSS tech in health aims to serve as a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration and an incubator for medical entrepreneurs.

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