Block C: Circulation

ACE Tips!

  • Study your EKG classes well as they will serve you for every R&E block and your rotations in the hospital in med2-3-4. Guaranteed they will make a difference sooner than you think.
  • TeachingMedicine (Dr. Walker will introduce you to it)  is an amazing resource. Don’t hesitate to get extra practice using its modules!
  • Visit the Anatomy lab often. Trust us, it will help. Review the material before going to the lab and seek out structures that you haven’t seen. Study different cadavers and quiz your friends in the lab! Don’t forget: your Anatomy Final covers BOTH Block B and C!
  • Try and do your best on the midterm. This is a solid strategy for all blocks with midterms, notably those that directly precede R&E Weeks. It’s always a more relaxing position to be in if you can put less emphasis on the Final, and instead balance your Anatomy and R&E Exam studying. Likewise, if the midterm doesn’t go well, brush yourself off and focus on the final. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!
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