Block E: Digestion and Metabolism

ACE Tips!

  • Be aware that this block covers G.I. but also nutrition/metabolism/endocrinology. As such, you will be covering a wider range of materials than you may have expected.
  • This is a heavy block and you will likely feel overwhelmed by the large scope of what is being covered. Take it step by step and try not to fall behind. This is key because the midterm sneaks up on you!
  • Do not panic in the basic science lectures, the exam questions are fair and ok!
  • Block E is one of the more anatomy-heavy ones. Rather than viewing it as tons of structures to memorize, try and see how form links to function. Having a good grasp on the correlates between anatomical structures and physiological function will help you think through clinical cases. It’ll also come in handy when the Anatomy Final rolls around.
  • This is a particularly important block in which to visit the lab. It is incredibly helpful to see the abdomen and the ways in which the structures relate to one another. Do not ignore vessels or smaller structures. Pretty much everything is fair game so study different cadavers and seek out good dissections.
  • Embryology figures more prominently in this block. Understanding it well can help inform your overall understanding of GI physiology.
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