Block A: Molecules and Global Health

ACE Tips!

  • Focus on the social determinants of health and how they can impact someone’s life and the disease process.
  • It is important to have a global understanding of non-medical issues that impact the course of illnesses in a patient.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of this block in your medical training. Many of the lectures provide helpful insight into treating patients, specifically vulnerable populations.
  • Epidemiology is a key part of Block A, and will be covered longitudinally throughout FMD. Take the time you need to master the fundamentals now–a solid understanding of its key concepts will come in handy down the line!
  • Take the time to prepare your group project as early as possible, to free up more time before the final.
  • Try to see what study method works best for you at this time. It will probably change in the first few blocks before you decide what works out for you. There is not one single best study method, don’t worry if you prepare differently than your colleagues. In the end, P = MD.
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