Block H: Movement

ACE Tips!

  • “Anatomy, anatomy anatomy”: these are the first words your block leader will tell you. Take it really seriously as the lab exam is very challenging and is heavily weighted grade-wise. Furthermore, anatomy is very well represented during the written block exam therefore studying for the lab exam is also studying for the written block exam = 2 in 1.
  • Do not worry about all the PT/OT techniques with patient, they are not tested in the exam even if there is a big burden of slides on these subjects. It is more for your interest and for you to understand the key role of these allied health professionals in MSK injuries.
  • The physical exam sessions are a good time to test your understanding of anatomy. Always try to keep in mind what muscle is being tested by which movement. You will be expected to understand what parts of the body are engaged in a certain motion.
  • Dermatomes and myotomes are not just interesting details. They will be tested.
  • Once again, ANATOMY, ANATOMY, ANATOMY. There are far more lab availabilities, so take advantage of the lab’s open periods for personal review. You’ll thank us later!


Anatomy apps 

Anatomy summary tables

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