Block D: Renal

ACE Tips!

  • Do not get scared with the rumours about the difficulty of this exam. Many students came back late from christmas break in the past years, which reduced their study time. This is in addition to the medgames and the ski trip that usually both occur during this block. Therefore, it’s not a difficult block, but rather a block where you have to manage your time well.
  • Again, time management cannot be stressed enough. This block is SHORT. It is easy to not realize that the final is coming up so soon, so try your best to stay on top of things schedule-wise.
  • Stay on top of small group preparation. The small groups focus heavily on the physiology, and the questions in the final draw on those concepts. Mastering the concepts discussed in the small groups will set you up nicely for the final.
  • Make sure you grasp Acid/Base disturbances. This is important not only in this block, but in the coming R&E exams as well.


Vander’s Renal Physiology Book (by Douglas Eaton) – can be bought on Amazon.




Canadian Urological Association resources for medical students

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