Block B: Respiration

ACE Tips!

  • Invest time into anatomy during this block to reduce the burden of memorisation prior to the lab exam at the end of block C. Take the time you need in the lab and get used to reviewing the structures and identifying them from different views/angles.
  • Find an anatomy study strategy that works well for you: quizzes with friends, flashcards, apps, coloring books, etc. You may also discover that returning to the lab is an extremely valuable technique!
  • Understanding the physiology behind Respiratory Medicine is key, so spend time on the basic sciences this block. Doing so can help you better think through clinical scenarios.
  • This is your first experience with clinical small groups, so take the time to prepare them beforehand. Small groups are a great indicator of your understanding of the material. They also provide the perfect time to ask any questions you might have on the material thus far.
  • As you will see, some blocks have midterms, whereas others do not. Block B falls in the latter category. Pace yourself when studying, to not have mountains of material left to cover before the final!
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