MSS Club Names

The Memoradum of Agreement (MoA) is an binding contract between the Medical Students’ Association of McGill University (MSS) and McGill University. As part of this agreement, the University is the sole owner of the word “McGill” and its associated emblems. Consequently, you must make sure that your club’s name is distinct from the University’s trademarks.

New groups must follow the following template when choosing their name:

Category I:  For Groups other than those affiliated or affiliating with external organizations

  • MSS or McGill (Medical) Students [insert e.g. Investment Club], or
  • MSS or McGill [insert e.g. Marketing; Pakistani] Students’ Association, or
  • [insert e.g. Pakistani] Students’ Society, or
  • MSS [insert], or
  • [insert e.g. Korean Martial Arts Club] – MSS

Category II:   For Groups affiliated or affiliating with an external organization including political parties

  • McGill (Medical) Students for [e.g. Make a Wish], or
  • McGill (Medical) Students Supporting [e.g. Make a Wish], or
  • McGill Students’ Chapter of  [e.g. Make a Wish, or
  • MSS – [e.g. Make a Wish, Cystic Fibrosis etc.] or
  • [e.g. Make a Wish, Cystic Fibrosis etc.] – MSS

Category III  For Sports Clubs or Teams

The Department of Athletics and Recreations shall have exclusive use of the name “McGill” in relation to any sport or team, except where permission is granted in writing by the Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning). Please choose an alternative name that does not contain the word “McGill”

Category IV:    For Association Services and Media

  • McGill (Medical) Students [insert e.g. Marketing Club], or
  • MSS [insert e.g. General Store], or
  • [insert e.g. Copi] – MSS


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