McGill Students’ Blood Donation Association (MSBDA)

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About the club

The McGill Students’ Blood Donation Association is a club dedicated to raising awareness on campus about the donation of blood, plasma, and stem cells. Our goal is to increase the number of McGill students who regularly donate blood and plasma, and to encourage them to register for stem cell donation. If you are interested in our cause, you can visit our website to sign up as a Community Member or as an Ambassador!

Contact information

Club PresidentCyril Kazan, class of
VP InternalCeleste Laporte, class of
VP ExternalAlexander Moise, class of
VP FinanceGiancarlo Buonamici, class of
VP Media and DesignGigi Noble, class of
VP OutreachSarah Beydoun, class of
VP EventsOban Lopez-Bassols, class of
VP CampaignsMadeline Cohen, class of