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 Who we are?

Diverging Minds aspires to raise awareness about neurodiversity and acceptance of the neurodivergence community within the student population.

We ground ourselves in the values of equality and equity by emphasizing the concept of neurodiversity as a spectrum. Conducted in an inclusive safe space, conversation is centred around the topic of respecting, accepting and supporting  all persons with neurological differences by highlighting their strengths and understanding the adversities they face in day-to-day life

What we do?

Through collaborations with neurodivergent individuals, family members and professionals and associated organizations, our club’s mission is to understand, listen to and learn from their experiences. We wish to illustrate their strengths and struggles to high school, CEGEP and university students. Our main course of action is to offer workshops focused on educating oneself to further support the inclusion of neurodivergent individuals within society.

Main objectives

  • Educate the student population
  • Improve the healthcare for neurodivergent individuals
  • Increase active support for the neurodivergent community

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