The Government Affairs and Advocacy Committee (GAAC)


The McGill Medical Students’ Government Affairs and Advocacy Committee aims to increase medical student awareness about and involvement in health policy issues within Quebec and Canada. Our goal is to offer opportunities to our members to be active participants in shaping health policy issues of importance to medical students and the patients we work with.

Mandate and description

The GAAC Portfolio consists of multiple advocacy initiatives such as broadcasting monthly summaries of headlines regarding health and related political issues, organizing conferences related to politics and advocacy, as well as engaging students in advocacy work.

The GAAC also has a seat at the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) Government Affairs and Advocacy Roundtable, a committee made up of two medical students from 15 medical schools across Canada. The committee serves three major purposes:

  1. Serves as an advisory board to the CFMS for issues related to government affairs and advocacy
  2. Provides a platform for students to raise issues and discuss local advocacy work
  3. Organize and select four attendees per school for the National Day of Action:

Yearly goals

2019-2020 Yearly goals – GAAC Officer

Contact us

Liam Cooper-Brown, GAAC Officer

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