Global Health


Work on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide.


Kelan Wu – VP Global Health Senior


Canada has two main medical student associations. The Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) and the Fédération Médicale Étudiante du Québec (FMEQ). The CFMS represents all Canadian medical schools outside of Quebec plus McGill and the FMEQ represents all medical schools in Quebec, including McGill. Therefore, McGill is part of both CFMS and FMEQ. Each of these organizations has an international branch that works on global health topics only: FMEQ has IFMSA-Québec and CFMS has CFMS-Global Health. The international branches of all medical student associations are under the umbrella of an international organization that only works on global health projects: The International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA). Similarly, United States have a medical student association called the American Medical Student Association (AMSA), which has an international branch called AMSA-Global Health. So as you probably noticed, the nomenclature used to name the international branch of each medical student association is not consistent. Indeed, some use IFMSA and then add the region (e.g., IFMSA-Qc), while other add global health to the name of the student association (e.g., CFMS-GH). This might cause some confusion, but remember that IFMSA-Qc and CFMS-GH are equivalent organizations, but they simply represent different schools. They also have the same internal structure. Each organization has an executive council and one national officer for each portfolio. In each school, there are local officers for each portfolio. The national officer oversees the work of the local officers in his or her portfolio.

Contact the VPs Global Health at to add McGill-based global health opportunities to the list.


Contact the VPs Global Health at to add regional, national and international global health opportunities to the list.

MSS VP Global Health Senior


-Kelan Wu

MSS VP Global Health Junior


Global Health

-Spandana Veeravalli

Global Health

My goal is to make global health opportunities more accessible to medical students. Awareness events are only the first step to encourage students to engage in sustainable global and local health-related projects.

-Anne Xuan-Lan Nguyen

Rights and Peace

My goal is to advocate for equal access to healthcare and peaceful environements. They are fundamental in establishing supportive communities.

-Juliette St-Georges

Rights and Peace

My goal is to increase awareness of global & local inequity issues, and of the link between health & respecting human rights.

-Anne-Sophie Roy

Public Health

My goal is to raise awareness on the pertinent impact of public health on the health of the communities around us.

-Tharaniya Vallipuram

Nissrine Ammari

Public Health

My goal is to raise awareness on the social determinants of health and to promote public health advocacy and action on a local and national scale.

-Nissrine Ammari

Reproductive Health Including HIV/AIDS

My goal is to advocate sexual and reproductive health in a culturally sensitive way and to raise awareness on local and national issues, in order to create change.

-Tania Morin

Reproductive Health Including HIV/AIDS

My goal is to raise awareness on the issues concerning sexual and reproductive health and to advocate for them within the medical community

-Hamila Hagh-Doust

Research Exchanges

My goal is to promote research among medical students while encouraging them to live a culturally and personally enriching experience, and to ensure their preferences and needs are met!

-Diana Benea

Research Exchanges

My goal is to promote research among medical students and ensure that the experience of incoming medical exchange students is enriching

-George Gerardis

Professional Exchanges

My goal is promote cultural exchanges and to ensure that everyone has an enriching and enjoyable internship.

-Daniel Josué Guerra

Professional Exchanges

My goal is to promote clinical exchanges at Mcgill to international medical students. I also want to ensure incoming students have a great experience and get to discover Montreal!

-Anny Gervais

Global Health Advocate

My goal is to help advocate the importance of global health equity & participate in promoting collective action for various causes

-Tharaniya Vallipuram

Indigenous Health


-Meng Zhu Shi

Reproductive and Sexual Health

My goal this year is to deconstruct stigma around different aspects of sexual health and promote access to non-judgmental sexual and reproductive healthcare.

-Sophie Baril

Global Health Education

My goal is to make educational resources on global health more accessible to medical students. By collaborating with key stakeholders (including the CFMS Global Health Education Committee), we will be able to provide students with the best tools and improve the current global health portfolio at McGill.

-Anne Xuan-Lan Nguyen

Exchanges – Junior

-JunYan Liu

Exchanges – Senior

-Wen Qing Yu


Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS

Promotes sexual health to the public and future healthcare providers.

  • Examples of projects

    • Sexual health workshops in high schools (SEXPERT);

    • HIV/AIDS awareness activities;

    • Raising awareness towards sexual diversity;

    • Dinner talk on urban health.

Contact: Tania Morin and Hamila Hagh-Doust

Global Health Education

Aims at promoting and preserving health by acting upstream on the social determinants of health, such as life habits, access to proper healthcare, education and environment.

  • Examples of projects:

    • Mental health awareness activities;

    • Nutrition workshops in primary schools;

    • Talks on public health matters such as non-communicable disease and epidemiology;

    • Mental health workshops in high schools.

Contact: Anne Xuan-Lan Nguyen

Public Health

Raises awareness towards global health issues and health injustice, as well as train a generation of students aware of their role on the global scale and their impact on health.

  • Examples of projects:

    • Talks on global health matters;

    • Climate change awareness workshops;

    • Attending global health conferences such as the Canadian Conference on Global Health.

Contact: Tharaniya Vallipuram and Nissrine Ammari

Indigenous Health

Work towards human rights respect in a health perspective and demonstrate the direct link between human rights and social determinants of health.

  • Examples of projects:

    • Talks on human rights matters, such as

      • Geo-politic conflicts and migration;

      • Raising awareness towards refugee and migrant health;

      • Social justice campaigns;

      • Indigenous health.

Contact: Meng Zhu Shi

Clinical and Research Exchanges

Organize clinical and research internships in more than 30 countries.

  • Roles:

    • Make sure all the internships offered by IFMSA-Qc run smoothly on their campuses.

    • Prepare the outgoing students applications and make sure nothing is missing.

    • Welcome and manage the incoming students’ internships.

    • Work with the support of the Social Program Coordinator, towards developing the Social Program on their campus.

For Research Exchanges Contact: Diana Benea and George Gerardis

For Clinical Exchanges Contact: Daniel Josué Guerra and Anny Gervais

Reproductive and Sexual Health

Consists in leading and implementing projects and initiatives at McGill that promote knowledge and awareness of reproductive and sexual health.

  • Examples of projects:

    • Awareness days (World AIDS Day, International Women’s Day);

    • Workshops;

    • Electives.

Contact: Sophie Baril

Rights and Peace

  • to be updated

Contact: Juliette St-Georges and Anne-Sophie Roy

Global Health Advocate

The Global Health Advocate represents McGill in the Global Health Advocacy program and coordinate local and national advocacy initiatives around the CFMS advocacy theme. The Global Health Advocate also has an executive (voting) position on the Government Affairs and Advocacy Committee (GAAC) as the representative of global health in advocacy work.

  • Examples of projects:

    • Work with the VP GH and the GAAC president to organize global health advocacy for Provincial and National Lobby Day to represent the MSS at these initiatives.

Contact: Tharaniya Vallipuram

Global Health Education 

The local officer is responsible for cultivating an understanding of the current status of global health education at their medical school, especially in the areas of global health curriculum and pre-departure training, and work with the National Officer of Global Heath Education and the VP Global Health to improve it.

  • Examples of projects:

    • Formalize global health in the UGME curriculum via the implementation of global health core competencies.

Contact: Spandana Veeravalli and Anne Xuan-Lan Nguyen


Responsible for organizing and managing the CFMS clinical and research exchange program at McGill.

  • Roles:

    • Help prepare the outgoing students applications and facilitate the application process, as well as being available to exchange students to answer any questions and troubleshoot any issues.

Contact: JunYan Liu and WenQing Yu

Student Run Projects



  • Kacper Niburski
  • Gordie Best
  • David-Dan Nguyen
  • Elitsa Papazova

Student-Run Clinic


  • Shermaine Li
  • Tanya Chen
  • Audrey Brochu

Public Health Curriculum Review


  • Lena Zotova
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