How to book electives

Booking electives

1) Start by visiting the UGME page here:

Note that the link called “Elective Management Link” with the purple button is where you will be able to manage all of your electives

Basically, you can apply to a McGill elective through the internal system via the “Elective Management Link”, or you can apply to another Canadian school via the AFMC portal.

If you do apply for a Non-McGill elective via the AFMC portal, you are still required to enter it into the McGill “Elective Management Link” with the confirmation document provided by the elective school. Remember, McGill also has deadlines for when you must schedule your electives by Elective Deadline

Also read the following document on the elective process from start to end: Electives Workflow

2) Then, if you don’t understand everything or you still have questions, go through the following tips/resources:

  • Access to electives instruction video provided by Elizabeth Lefebvre from TCP
  1. Go on your MyCourses account, into the UGME page.
  2. Navigate through the page following these instructions: Table of Contents > MDCM Program > Clerkship > Clerkship resources.
  3. The video entitled “Class 2018 Clerkship Meeting – Recording” is a helpful resource. Add video Class 2018 Clerkship Meeting.mp4 
    • AFMC portal explanation
      • 17 minute tutorial
      • ALL medical schools now function through the portal for electives:
        • Alberta
          • University of Alberta
          • University of Calgary
        • BC: UBC
        • Manitoba: University of Manitoba College of Medicine
        • Newfoundland and Labrador: Memorial University of Newfoundland
        • Nova Scotia: Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine
        • Ontario:
          • McMaster University
          • Northern Ontario School of Medicine
          • Queen’s University
          • University of Ottawa
          • University of Toronto
          • Western University – Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry
        • Quebec:
          • Université de Montréal
          • McGill University
          • Université de Sherbrooke
          • Université Laval
        • Saskatchewan: University of Saskatchewan
      • Unsure about what documents you need to submit for each elective? See the “Required documents” section.
      • IMPORTANT: Know that you can send in an application without having all of the documents submitted right away. Eventually you will need to send them in by a certain date, but schools can accept an elective while documents are pending.

Other useful tips

  • Generally electives require pre requisites. For example in order to have an elective in surgery you must have completed your core rotation in general surgery. Same for pediatrics, and many others. This information is found within the institution profile on the AFMC portal.
  • Blackout periods are periods when schools do not accept elective students. They are usually around Christmas, New Year’s and March break. This information can generally be found on the institution profile on the AFMC. If it is not there you should contact the electives coordinator for that institution. Fear not, there are electives available during Period 7 (December – January). McGill or Gatineau usually take students for electives during this period. Almost all McGill electives are available during the blackout periods unless they have already accepted a McGill student, as McGill does not take any other students during this period.
  • You will not receive your elective credits and grades (pass/fail) unless you ask your supervisor for an assessment, and the completed assessment is sent to . It is the responsibility of the student to obtain their evaluation in a timely manner. Please note that a new Clinical Assessment Form (CAF) for electives is now available in your one45 account under Handouts and Links → UGME Electives → Non-McGill Clerkship Assessment Form – v.2017. The old form will no longer be accepted after July 1rst, 2017.

How to cancel/change electives

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