McGill has a multitude of nationally renowned varsity sports teams for both males and females. While playing a varsity sport requires a significant commitment, it is both doable and well worth it. Students should not be anxious about participating in a sport they love! Varsity sports are a great way to maintain an active lifestyle, provide a healthy distraction from studying, enable athletes to forge new friendships, and get involved in university life.

For a full list of varsity sports teams, please visit “Varsity Sports”:


For those who wish to participate in a sports team, but not at the varsity level, the university offers many different intramural sports teams. Intramural teams are ideal for those who wish to practice a given sport at a less competitive level, or which requires a lesser time commitment.

For a full list of intramural sports teams, please see “Intramurals” under “Recreation”:

Court booking

It is possible to put together a small group of friends and reserve a squash or tennis court for a couple of hours every week. It is a tremendously fun activity, and a great way to bond with your med classmates.
Whether or not you have ever played squash before, it’s definitely an activity worth considering! You can book a court for free 48 hours in advance.

To book a court, see “Court Bookings” under “Drop-In Rec” in “Recreation”:

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