Block F: Defense

ACE Tips!

  • This is another block where understanding the basic sciences will really help you master clinical scenarios. Taking the time to understand the principles behind the Immune System is worth it.
  • Dermatology is covered in this block. Focus on differentiating the various conditions you are taught in lecture and knowing their key features. The focus is not on recognizing conditions based on images.  
  • Instead of physical exam, there are larger-group DDx (differential diagnosis) sections. These are a laidback way of seeing how your diagnostic skills are progressing, in the context of a supportive environment. A fun challenge to try out!
  • Choose a group that you actually want to work with for the graded Case Conference. Note that this can be, but does not have to be, your small group. It can be quite helpful to do a few preceding Case Conferences together as a group, to see which strategies work best for the team. This will enable you to be in sync and work fast and efficiently the day of the graded Case Conference. Trust us, you won’t want to be wasting time!
  • There is a single quiz in this Block. It is inspired by a Case Conference that will be revealed that same day. In other words, it is not designed to be an all-encompassing quiz that tests your cumulative knowledge of the Block. Your Block Leader will give you updated details, but don’t worry about “studying” for it.
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