Block I: Reproduction and Sexuality

ACE Tips!

  • This block is both on obstetrics and gynaecology. Class power points are good but may not be sufficient if you really want to understand the pathophysiology – but also a clear clinical picture – of an obstetrical or gynaecological pathology.
  • Case Files Obstetrics and Gynaecology is a great resource for this block. Not only it goes over the physiology of important diseases, but also reviews main presentations, their differential diagnosis, laboratory and physical examination findings and treatment.
  • Anatomy is also very important for this block, and may be initially confusing. We would suggest going to the lab on a regular basis, but also trying to correlate the anatomy to clinical presentations, as it is very relevant in both obstetrics and gynaecology.
  • Toronto notes also has a good summary on main presentations that you need to know, but it is more a list of important elements rather than an explanation, which is much more important to understand.
  • Watch videos online! There are a great number of videos showing important concepts; for example, you may watch a video explaining all of the delivery phases, which really helps putting an image to what may seem to be quite abstract.
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