Dorsa Majdpour

Key Points:

  1. Increased efforts in addressing the systemic racism that disproportionally affects black and indigenous communities, within the scope of global health 
  2. Transparency on the initiatives to progress the Global Health Agenda at McGill  
  3. A VP Global Health Jr who is approachable and constantly seeking your feedback

Platform :

Hi everyone,  


Let me introduce myself – My name is Dorsa. Before coming to Canada to study at McGill, I lived in Libya and Saudi Arabia where I grew up, immersed in the wonderfully rich culture of the region.  Growing up in developing countries however also exposed me to the detrimental consequences inadequate healthcare has on marginalized communities. Over the years, I have gained a nuanced insight into the systemic discrimination that prevails even in some of the most advanced societies like Canada. I am passionate about fighting for health equity, which is why I am running for VP Global Health Jr.  



As your Junior VP of Global Health I plan to ensure widespread community awareness and engagement on McGill Global Health Projects and initiatives to leverage the immense skill set our student body brings to make an impact. As President of the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC), I have organized local outreach programs aimed at tackling homelessness and global outreach programs that set up volunteers to work at FIMRC clinics around the world, that has positively influenced both volunteers and community partners.  



I hope to use my  experiences to advocate for global health initiatives addressing systemic racism and climate change within a local and global context. Furthermore, I plan to implement constant survey and feedback systems to ensure that our efforts are focused on where the needs of our community are. Your voice and efforts are valued and needed to make a tangible difference.




Dorsa Majdpour

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