Alexander Valerio

Key points:

To take care of everything financial in the upcoming school year. This includes keeping track of all monetary transactions, organizing the 2 apparel sales, and making sure we stay right on budget.

  •       To inform the executive council at all times as to how much money they have available to spend, while organizing budgets in the clearest way possible, and collaborating with the rest of the council and the class to address any concerns.
  • To be transparent. All too often, people equate politics and corruption. We don’t do that here. If you have any questions regarding what the money’s being used for, I’ll make sure to answer them for you and remain transparent as to the financial decisions of the council.


What do I hope to accomplish this year as Treasurer? My job is to deal with all financial dealings of the MSS Montreal Med-1 Class Council for this year. The only thing better than having money is spending money (without going over budget). It would be my responsibility and pleasure to make sure the MSS can function without a hitch this year when it comes to bankrolling the many events we will have lined up, from (covid-friendly!) end-of-block parties to the 2 clothing sales.

Apparel sales? How exciting! Apparel sales do fall under the Class Council Treasurer’s jurisdiction, and I will make sure the class of 2024 is well outfitted to classily represent McGill’s oldest and (if I do say so myself) most distinguished faculty. And apparel is never boring, even less so when one artistically talented member of the class may design the emblem featured on some select pieces of clothing! Logo contest, anyone?

Why me? Last year, I held the position of VP Finance for the Med-P Dent-P Student Association Fashion Show, which, despite being cancelled due to the coronavirus epidemic, managed to raise nearly $10 000 for the non-profit Anorexie et Bulimie Quebec. Previously, I helped organize the logistical workings of the Vanier College First Aid team as a Co-President. I know what it’s like to work in a team and as a person would like to think I’m always approachable, humble, and honest. If I do a job, I do it right.

I will reliably keep track of all expenses and transactions conducted by the MSS in the upcoming year, while remaining completely transparent as to where the money is going and where it is coming from, for all MSS members. It would be an honor to be your class treasurer.

Alexander Valerio

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