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Lady Meredith Annex

The Lady Meredith Annex (also known as: the Annex, the McGill Medical Annex, MedAnnex, Meredith Annex, Ardvarna Annex) is a common meeting place for members of the McGill Medical Students' Society (MSS). The Annex is to be a place where friendly relations are pursued and good will engendered. It was opened in order for students to have a special place to study, organize meetings and activities or simply hang out.

Special thanks to...

Incredible effort was required to open the Annex to students. The Medical Students' Society would like to thank the Alumni, the Faculty of Medicine and McGill University, without whose support and generous gifts, the Lady Meredith Annex renovation project would not have been possible. We are grateful to benefit from their support.

We are happy to announce that, as of July 10, 2010, the newly renovated Annex is finally open to all McGill medical students. You may now access it with your McGill ID from 7am to 11pm, everyday.

The Annex is the property of McGill Medicine Buildings and great care must be taken with the Annex. Students are welcomed at any time but are also expected to follow the regulations:

  1. Keep the place clean
    1. Do not leave any trash on the tables or on the couch. Trash them
    2. Use the trashcans and recycling bins
    3. Do not leave or store your personal belongings in the public areas
  2. Don't do anything stupid. That means no alcohol, drugs, vandalism, smoking, theft... you get the idea.
  3. Only McGill medical students are allowed in the Annex. Each student must scan his or her own card at the door.
  4. Respect the booking schedule.
  5. Leave the Annex the way you found it (or cleaner!)
    1. Any event hosted by a club or another organization must clean the rooms they used and will be held responsible for the condition of the room after they leave. Any expense incured to clean the rooms will be deducted from the club's funding.
    2. Again, do NOT leave your personal belongings on the tables, in the study room, or in a corner for an extended period of time (> 1 day).
  6. Storage policy: any item left for more than a day in the Annex may be trashed at any time in order to keep the area clean
    1. Students and clubs who need to store some items should contact the Annex Rep
    2. Two locked storage rooms are available to store your belongings.
    3. If you have to leave some belongings for more than 24 hours and cannot reach the Annex Rep, clearly identify your stuff with your name, year, and maximal date on which you will pick your stuff again (e.g. Thierry Live M3, Sept 29) to prevent your belongings from being trashed.
  7. Consoles, TV, projectors, computers: repeated breech of the rules for IT equipment may result in the removal of the hardware
    1. Logout from the computers when you leave
    2. Turn off the projector, TV, and consoles before you leave
    3. Replace the consoles' controllers in the cabinet before you leave.
      1. Put the Wiimotes back on the charging pad.
      2. If any PS3 controllers are battery low, plug them before you leave so they can charge
    4. Put the games back in their case after you're done playing
    5. If you use the headphones on your personal computer, do not forget to put them back.

Thank you!

-VP Annex ( )

Lady Meredith Annex
​Medical Students' Society of McGill University

3706 Peel Street
Montreal, QC
H3A 1W9

The Lady Meredith Annex is located beside the McIntyre Medical Building and Life Sciences Complex; on the north-west side of the service road that links the McIntyre parking garage and Peel Street. The address is 3706 Peel St. which is the front entrance of the building. A map detailing its location on campus can be found at the McGill University Campus Maps page.

More information

Login using your McGill username and password. Keep the computers clean. Profiles are flushed every week on the PC desktops. The following hardware is available:

  • iMac 27'' 2013
  • iMac 21'' 2012
  • 2 Dell Desktop Core i5
  • Scanner
  • uPrint printer

The conference room is equipped with a projector connected to a VGA+3.5mm AUX input in the room. Can hold approximately 12 people. The room can be booked through the booking form.

The study room is located behind the computer room. It has a small shelf and a door for quiet studying. This room cannot be booked and students who want to study have priority on other students. Collaborative studying should be done in the table room.

The living room is equipped with a 55" TV with HDMI, VGA and Component inputs. The room also offers video game consoles, Netflix subscription, microwaves, popcorn machines and a Foosball table. Can hold approximately 20 people. The room can be booked through the booking form.

Room Bookings

You can view the room bookings at the Annex at the Room Booking Calendar.

If you wish to reserve space in the Annex for an upcoming event, please fill out the Annex Room Booking Form. Your room booking should be displayed in the calendar when it is approved. You will be contacted in the event your booking is rejected.

Students, clubs, and organizations are held responsible for the condition in which they leave the rooms they have booked. Please make sure you leave the room clean, free of material, personal belongings, and trash. Any expenses incured to clean the rooms after you have used them will be deducted from your funding.

You must be logged in to be able to book a room.