Government Affairs and Advocacy committee (GAAC)

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About us

The GAAC is a Standing Committee that is responsible for:

  • Increasing medical student awareness about and involvement in health policy issues within Quebec and Canada
  • Offering opportunities to students to be active participants in shaping health policy issues of importance to medical students and the patients they serve
  • Accompanying MSS delegations to the CFMS and FMEQ General Meetings in order to meet with other advocacy coordinators and engage in planning sessions.
  • Provide a forum for students to discuss health advocacy;
  • Empower medical students to learn about and develop effective advocacy skills; collaborate heavily with other MSS committees and interest groups to promote and initiate advocacy efforts;
  • Organizes and selects 4 attendees for the CFMS National Day of Action in Ottawa.
  • Helps organize and select attendees for the FMEQ Journée d’action politique (JAP).

Contact information

GAAC OfficerSuzanne Simba, class of