General Council

The General Council includes the Executive Council, the seven Officers, and the members of each Class Council.

Executive council (Montreal campus)

Executive President

Name: Alexander Valerio

Role: Ensure smooth functioning of the MSS and accurate implementation of the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan.

Fun fact: I used to speed kayak competitively!

Executive Vice-President and Corporate Affairs

Name: Thalia Nguyen

Role: I organize sponsored lunch conferences, general assemblies, elections, and academic material sales.

Fun fact: I have a pressed coin collection 😀

Past President

Name: Dennis Rompotinos

Role: MSS Past President. Institutional memory.

Fun fact: I am a barb

Secretary General

Name: Anna Reiter

Role: As Secretary General, my role is to plan and organize meetings as well as keep records of the actions and decisions of the entire council. 

Fun fact: I’m colourblind.

Vice-President Education

Name: Kevin Zhao

Role: I advocate for the student body from Med-1 to Med-4 on educational matters before the faculty and chair the Medical Education Committee (EdCom).

Fun fact: I love to play sports!

Vice-President External (Canada)

Name: Tania Morin

Role: I act as the liaison between the McGill medical student body and the Canadian Federation of Medical Students members, by sharing and bringing key opportunities to students.

Fun fact: I really enjoy cooking and trying many different or new recipes!

Vice-President External (Quebec)

Name: George Gerardis

Role: As VP External, Quebec of the MSS, I assure a strong relationship between McGill medical students and the FMEQ, while also acting as a liaison between the MSS and provincial partners.

Fun fact: I can eat a tub of green olives in one sitting.

Vice-President Finance

Name: Victor Kang

Role: In charge of all financial matters including reimbursements and investing of the MSS

Fun fact: I have a large collection of Pokémon cards.

Vice-President Global Health Senior

Name: Ericka Iny

Role: I work with IFMSA-Quebec and CFMS, as well as our Local Officers from both organizations, to work towards improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide.

Fun fact: I love snowboarding.

Vice-President Internal

Name: Maxime Berthout

Role: To oversee the wellbeing of all club-related activities and to communicate events and opportunities of all members of the MSS

Fun fact: I once jumped out of a bus in the Dominican Republic.

Vice-President Social Affairs

Name: Santina Conte

Role: I am in charge of anything and everything fun, from Frosh to Internos to Halloween to Chez Meredith!

Fun fact: I once caught the singer’s jacket at a concert.

Vice-President Wellness

Name: Anda Gaita

Role: I promote and advocate for student wellness across all years, and chair the Medical Student Wellness (MSW) Standing Committee.

Fun fact: I love playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Executive council (Outaouais campus)

Executive President

Name: Mahmoud Moustafa

Role: I represent and advocate for students based at the Outaouais Campus of McGill University.

Fun fact: I learned French from scratch in a year at the age of 13!

Clerkship Representative

Name: Raphaël Lafortune

Role: I advocate for the clerks at Campus Outaouais.

Fun fact: I like to pour milk in the bowl before adding the cereal.

Executive Vice-President and Finances

Name: Nabeel Ahmed

Role: My role is to assist the Gatineau Executive President as well as secure corporate sponsorships and manage finances for the Gatineau MSS.

Fun fact: Gatineau is now the 4th city I’ve lived in in Canada, after Toronto, Halifax and Montreal.

Vice-President Wellness and Student Spaces

Name: Aarti Srivastava

Role: As VP of wellness and student spaces, I will do my best to ensure the wellness of our Outaouais student body and create a welcoming and comfortable environment for us all.

Fun fact: I once did a workout class with Malia Obama. I will never wash my sweat off.


GAAC Officer

Name: Maya Alik

Role: I help direct the Government Affairs and Advocacy Committee of the MSS to do relevant advocacy and political work.

Fun fact: My favourite desert is crème brûlée.

IT Officer

Name: Ian Langleben

Role: I consult with the faculty on IT matters and manage various tech platforms for the MSS.

Fun fact: I made this website lol

Medicine Senator

Name: Samer Salameh

Role: I represent members of the MSS at the McGill University Senate, the University’s parliamentary governing body.

Fun fact: I have three nationalities!

SSMU Representative

Name: Benson Wan

Role: I act as the liaison between the MSS and the undergraduate student society at McGill, the SSMU!

Fun fact: I have been a Leafs fan since birth, despite all of the pain they have subjected me to.

Student Space Officer

Name: Alex Nguyen

Role: I am the liaison for all medical student spaces and am responsible for overseeing, managing, and developing, amongst others, the Lady Meredith Annex and the Wellness Room.

Fun fact: I went bungee jumping.

Class councils (Montreal campus)

Med-2 Class Council
Med-2 Class President

Name: Abed Baiad

Role: Represent and advocate on behalf of the Class of 2024 in all official occasions to the Faculty of Medicine’s members and committees.

Fun fact: I enjoy eating rather than cooking.

Med-2 Class Representative

Name: Anindyo Chakraborty

Role: I plan and coordinate events pertaining specifically to the Class of 2024.

Fun fact: I have a nickname that my family calls me and it’s completely different from my “actual” name.

Med-3 Class Council
Med-3 Class President

Name: Sébastien Belliveau

Role: Represent and advocate for the class of 2023.

Fun fact: I’m the youngest of 8 brothers.

Med-3 Class Representative

Name: Julie-Anne Lemay

Role: Organizing fun events for the class of 2023!

Fun fact: Ice cream is my favourite food ever.

Med-3 Treasurer

Name: Andrew Meng

Role: I treasure for Med-3s.

Fun fact: I like plants.

Class councils (Outaouais campus)