General Council

The General Council includes the Executive Council, the Officers, and the members of each Class Council.

Executive council (Montreal campus)

MD-PhD Representative

Name: Aline Atallah

Role: My role is to advocate for the needs of MD-PhD and MD+ students and ensure effective communication between the MSS and MD-PhD Student Society by acting as a two-way liaison.

Fun fact: I love dancing Salsa.


Name: Neevya Balasubramaniam

Role: I organize meetings, create the agenda and take meeting notes while also assisting with the social media of MSS.

Fun fact: I love to dance just as much as I love to play the violin!

Vice-President External Quebec

Name: Sirine Guetiti

Role: My role is to facilitate communication between the MSS and the FMEQ and to advocate for McGill students’ best interests. I also act as a liaison between the MSS and other medical associations across Quebec.

Fun fact:  I love horror movies

Vice-President Finance

Name: Joseph Najjar

Role: Oversee accounting, financial planning, and internal audit of the MSS

Fun fact: I’m a huge fan of consumer technology!

Vice-President Global Health Jr.

Name: Kacylia Roy Proulx

Role: In collaboration with IFMSA-Quebec, CFMS and our Local Officers from both organizations, I coordinate projects aimed to improve overall population health and reduce health inequities globally.

Fun fact: I love adrenaline sports like scuba diving and sky diving!

Vice-President Wellness

Name: Layo Alaga

Role: I promote and advocate for student wellness across all years, and chair the Medical Student Wellness (MSW) Standing Committee

Fun fact: My middle name is just a verb (don’t ask why, my parents are weird)

Vice-President Medical Education

Name: Sarah Moussa

Role: I advocate for the student body from Med-1 to Med-4 on educational matters before the faculty and chair the Medical Education Committee (EdCom).

Fun fact: I love singing and used to perform in musicals!

Vice-President Social

Name: Wanthida Voraboud-Lecours

Role: To improve medical students’ quality of life through social events.

Fun fact: Because my parents owned a restaurant during my childhood, back in Laos, my room would be between the kitchen and the dining room.

Executive council (Outaouais campus)

Vice-présidente exécutive & finances

Name: Liliane Marie Fakhouri

Role: I am in charge of campus Outaouais finances and I assist the MSS-CO President with his responsibilities

Fun fact: Music is my passion! I love to listen to music of any kind, to sing, to play instruments, etc

Vice-President External

Name: Han Zhang Huang

Role: I represent the Outaouais cohort’s interests within the FMEQ while communicating closely with the Montreal VP External.

Fun fact: I’ve eaten 10 slices of pizza in one sitting without throwing up. It’s my proudest accomplishment to this day.


GAAC Officer

Name: Safiya Soullane

Role: The GAAC aims to increase medical student awareness of and involvement in health policy issue.

Fun fact: I have been a Girl Scout for 15+ years and am great at starting fires.

IT Officer

Name: Ian Langleben

Role: I consult with the faculty on IT matters and manage various tech platforms for the MSS.

Fun fact: I made this website lol

Medicine Senator

Name: Mustafa Fakih

Role: I represent students at the McGill University Senate, the University’s parliamentary governing body.

Fun fact: I like chicken nuggets

SSMU Representative

Name: Benson Wan

Role: I act as the liaison between the MSS and the undergraduate student society at McGill, the SSMU!

Fun fact: I have been a Leafs fan since birth, despite all of the pain they have subjected me to.

Student Spaces Officer

Name: Syphax Brouri

Role: I am taking care of the Lady Meredith Annex a place of reunion for medical students and the student lounge at McIntyre 5th floor.

Fun fact: My laugh is very loud

Class councils (Montreal campus)

Med-1 Class Council
Med-1 Academic Representative

Name: Taylor Morganstein

Role: Represent the class for academic matters and strive to improve the academic experience of all classmates.

Fun fact: I have Crohn’s Disease and do a lot to work to raise awareness and decrease stigmatization!

Med-1 Class President

Name: Adam Hassan

Role: Represent and advocate for the Class of 2026.

Fun fact: I love everything that has to do with tennis.

Med-1 Class Representative

Name: Jimin Lew

Role: I plan and coordinate fun, inclusive, and stress-free events for the class of 2026!

Fun fact: If I don’t answer my phone, it’s probably because I’m hibernating 🙂

Med-2 Class Council
Med-2 Class President

Name: Thomas Barabé-Tremblay

Role: I represent and advocate for the Class of 2025 on the MSS and the faculty level as well as handle academic responsibilities for my class.

Fun fact: I’d eat pizza 3 times a day if I could.

Med-2 Class Representative

Name: Jasmine Leung

Role: I organize community-building events for the Class of 2025 and represent our class at meetings of MSS General Council.

Fun fact: My first bed was a laundry basket because I was premature and arrived before my furniture.

Med-3 Class Council
Med-3 Class Representative

Name: Anindyo Chakraborty

Role: To plan and coordinate events pertaining specifically to the Class of 2024

Fun fact: I have a nickname that my family calls me and it’s completely different from my “actual” name

Med-3 Class Representative

Name: Chris Rafiaa

Role: To plan and coordinate events pertaining specifically to the Class of 2024

Fun fact: I have a cat and love to snowboard (not together)

Med-4 Class Council
Med-4 Treasurer

Name: Andrew Meng

Role: I treasure for Med4s

Fun fact: I like plants

Class councils (Outaouais campus)

Med-1 Class Council
Med-1 Social Representative

Name: Cariane Driad

Role: I am in charge of the social events of my campus !

Fun fact: I have an identical twin