General Council

The General Council includes the Executive Council, the Officers, and the members of each Class Council.

Executive council (Montreal campus)

Executive President

Name: Adam Hassan


Represent the interests of the MSS at the faculty, university, provincial, and national levels.

Ensure the proper functioning of the MSS and support executive and general council members in their tasks.

Fun fact: I’m an inventor on a vaccine patent!

MD-PhD Representative

Name: Aline Atallah

Role: My role is to advocate for the needs of MD-PhD and MD+ students and ensure effective communication between the MSS and MD-PhD Student Society by acting as a two-way liaison.

Fun fact: I love dancing Salsa.

Executive Vice-President & Corporate Affairs

Name: Mark Garabedian


Facilitating and strengthening the MSS’s existing partnerships and forming relationships with new sponsors.

Serving as the vice-president and working on various projects with many council members.

Fun fact: I hate sushi!


Name: Jonathan Elkaim

Role: I organize meetings, create the agenda and take meeting notes while also assisting with the social media of MSS.

Fun fact: I’ve been a dance since the age of 8!

Vice-President External Quebec

Name: Sirine Guetiti

Role: My role is to facilitate communication between the MSS and the FMEQ and to advocate for McGill students’ best interests. I also act as a liaison between the MSS and other medical associations across Quebec.

Fun fact:  I love horror movies

Vice-President External Canada

Name: Jimin Lew

Role: As VP External Canada, I act as liaison between MSS (representing all of you) and CFMS (Canadian Federation of Medical Students) as well as other organizations outside of Quebec.

Fun fact: If I don’t answer my phone, it’s probably because I’m hibernating  :sommeil:

Vice-President Global Health Quebec

Name: Eddy Taguedong

Role: In collaboration with IFMSA-Quebec, CFMS and our Local Officers from both organizations, I coordinate projects aimed to improve overall population health and reduce health inequities globally.

Fun fact:

Vice-President Finance

Name: Sarah Petrecca

Role: Oversee accounting, financial planning, and internal audit of the MSS

Fun fact: I love eating spicy food!

Vice-President Wellness

Name:  Arielle Grossman

Role: I promote and advocate for student wellness across all years, and chair the Medical Student Wellness (MSW) Standing Committee

Fun fact:

I’ve been skiing since the age of 2!

Vice-President Social

Name: Kamila Majidova

Role: To improve medical students’ quality of life through social events.

Fun fact: I have had the same height since the 5th grade!

Vice-President Social

Name: Rami Hamoudeh

Role: Coordinating all social event and activities pertaining to the faculty of medicine at McGill

Fun fact: I love the outdoors and I made my own awesome Aladdin costume

Vice-President Medical Education

Name: Arjun Gupta

Role: I advocate for the student body from Med-1 to Med-4 on educational matters before the faculty and chair the Medical Education Committee (EdCom).

Fun fact: I have never not owned a Google phone! #androids

Vice-President Internal Affairs

Name: Tarek Benzouak

Role: Management of clubs and standing committees within the MSS. I am also in charge of disseminating information from the MSS to fellow medical students through the weekly medical student newsletter called the Murmur and MSS-related social media profiles

Fun fact: I like building computers

Executive council (Outaouais campus)

Président exécutif

Name: Hongda Li

Role: I represent all students’s interests in Campus Outaouais representing CO on different occasions, and work alongside my college in the general council

Fun fact: I enjoy DMing my friend about a brilliant move i made in online chess game, so watch out

Vice-présidente exécutive & finances

Name: Peter Joseph Mounsef

Role: I am in charge of campus Outaouais finances and I assist the MSS-CO President with his responsibilities

Fun fact: I played rugby for team Quebec until i was 18. I got to play against teams from all over the world!

Vice-President External

Name: Misha Fotovati

Role: I represent the Outaouais cohort’s interests within the FMEQ while communicating closely with the Montreal VP External.

Fun fact: I was born in Japan!

Vice-President Medical Education

Name: Liliane Marie Fakhouri


As one of the VPs Medical Education, my role is to advocate for students within the faculty. To do so, along with my Mt colleague Arjun, I run the Medical Education Committee (EdCom). If you’re interested in getting involved, come talk to me!

Fun fact: Music is my passion! I love to listen to music of any kind, to sing, to play instruments, etc

Vice-President bien-être et espaces étudiants

Name: Jacob Nicodemo

Role: Je defends le bien-être des étudiants du campus Outaouais. Je m’occupe également de l’entretien des espaces étudiants du campus.

Fun fact: J’adore faire de la pâtisserie. Ma spécialité, c’est la crème brûlée


GAAC Officer

Name: Suzanne Simba

Role: The GAAC aims to increase medical student awareness of and involvement in health policy issue.

Fun fact: I love baking!

IT Officer

Name: Shana Théodore

Role: I consult with the faculty on IT matters and manage various tech platforms for the MSS.

Fun fact: Yoshi is my favorite MarioKart player

Medicine Senator

Name: Mustafa Fakih

Role: I represent students at the McGill University Senate, the University’s parliamentary governing body.

Fun fact: I like chicken nuggets

SSMU Representative

Name: Claire Grall-Johnson

Role: I act as the liaison between the MSS and the undergraduate student society at McGill, the SSMU!

Fun fact:

Student Spaces Officer

Name: Madison Odabassian

Role: I am taking care of the Lady Meredith Annex a place of reunion for medical students and the student lounge at McIntyre 5th floor.

Fun fact:

Class councils (Montreal campus)

Med-1 Class Council
Med-1 Academic Representative

Name: Fahima Khan

Role: Represent the class for academic matters and strive to improve the academic experience of all classmates.

Fun fact:

Med-1 Class President

Name: Renata Sabelli

Role: Represent and advocate for the Class of 2026.

Fun fact:

Med-2 Class Council
Med-2 Class President

Name: Taylor Morganstein

Role:I represent and advocate for the Class of 2026 within the MSS and the UGME

Fun fact:  I love the Barbie movie

Med-2 Class Representative

Name: Laurence Robert

Role: I organize community-building events for the Class of 2026 and represent our class at meetings of MSS General Council.

Fun fact:

Med-2 Class Representative

Name: Catherine Korman

Role: Organize and promote all activities deemed necessary and appropriate by the respective Class Council.

Fun fact: I am a karaoke lover and I worked at La Maisonnée Resto-Bar for one month as a karaoke host! My go to karaoke song is Lose Yourself by Eminem.

Med-3 Class Council
Med-3 Class President

Name: Thomas Barabé-Tremblay

Role:  I provide individualized support to my classmates on academic and non-academic matters and represent the entire class on various MSS and UGME committees

Fun fact: I’d probably eat pizza every day if it was socially and nutritionally acceptable

Med-3 Class Representative

Name: Jasmine Leung

Role:  I organize fun events for the Class of 2025 to celebrate our milestones, promote wellness, and foster community-building.

Fun fact: I love purple.

Med-4 Class Council
Med-4 Representative

Class councils (Outaouais campus)

Med-1 Class Council
Med-1 Social Representative