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VP Wellness – Montreal CampusAnda Gaita, class of 2024Email
VP Wellness & Student Spaces – Outaouais CampusAarti Srivastava, class of 2024Email
Resonance CoordinatorEmily Wu, class of 2023Email

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About the MSW

The Medical Student Wellness Committee (MSW) is a standing committee of the MSS which aims to enhance student wellness within McGill’s Faculty of Medicine. Every year, the MSW organizes multiple activities and events to promote mental, physical, nutritional and overall health for all McGill medical students. Our events include open mic events, varied end-of-block wellness activities, collaboration with other universities for online fitness challenges, nutrition workshops, collaboration with other MSS clubs for discussion groups around diverse topics, and much more!

As of last January, the MSW also includes the Resonance blog. Resonance is a medical and dental student blog that aims to foster a sense of community in McGill Medicine and Dentistry through the sharpening of viewpoints, sharing of ideas, and the telling of stories. Through expression pieces, commentary on McGill medical and dental student life, and our ongoing series on Humans of McGill Medicine and Dentistry, we hope to stimulate open conversation in the existing cohorts of our faculties.

We are always open to ideas and suggestions on how to further improve student wellness in our Faculty. The MSW is here for you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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