Ambassadors for Comprehensive Education (ACE) Program

About Us

We are the ACE standing committee which stands for Ambassadors for Comprehensive Education. It is a student-lead initiative with the mission to help students navigate medical school at McGill.

This standing committee was initially created to offer a Buddy Program consisting of matching incoming students to second year students. This is meant to ease the transition into medical school.

Wanting to broaden its mission, the ACE Program wanted to take concrete actions benefiting directly students to improve their academic experience in medical school.

We want to reduce stress, enhance student wellness, provide resources such as summary notes or useful websites as well as bring forth helpful opportunities. We also want to be the voice of students and respond to their needs, which is why our initiatives span all four years of medical school and are tailored for each cohort.

Contact information

Med-4 RepCathleen Dai, class of 2022Email
Med-4 RepJoban Dhillon, class of 2022Email
Med-3 RepEmily Wu, class of 2023Email
Med-3 RepJulie-Anne Lemay, class of 2023Email
Med-2 RepEvicka Veilleux, class of 2023Email
Med-2 RepMoustafa Fouad, class of 2024Email