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MSS & DSS Clubs Directory

This page lists all clubs, interest groups and associations that are registered with the Medical Students' Society of McGill University (MSS) and/or McGill University Dental Students' Society (DSS).

The purpose of official clubs is to provide Society Members with the opportunity to pursue interests or acquire skills related to medicine (its practice, history, and/or legal, political, social, and cultural aspects). Each official club must be open and accessible to each of the Society’s Members.

In order to obtain official MSS club status, a club application must be filled prior to each semester of activity (Fall and Winter). 

To learn more about and join a club, please visit their website or contact them through the information listed below.  Attending Clubs' Day (held twice per academic year) is another opportunity to meet club leaders and learn about a club.

For more information about clubs, please refer to "Article 9.3: Clubs" of the MSS Constitution (available online).

To apply for a new club or renew your club status, fill the Club Application Form before the deadline.


The purpose of an MSS Club is to provide cub members with the opportunity to pursue curricular or extra-curricular interests or activities. Your club should be targetted mainly for club members (i.e. MSS members) and the funding received should be mainly to provide activities for them.

The club must be open to all MSS members and can enjoy the rights and responsibilities as described in the MSS Constitution. In short the rights and responsibilities can be divided into the following aspects:

  • Events and participation: you are required to provide activities or events to club members and are under the obligation to keep track of events and participation to those events.
  • Application: you are under the right to be recognize as an official club and are under the responsibility to fill a club status application (and club funding application, if desired) at the beginning of every fall and winter semester with all the required documentation. You are also required to sign a binding contract with the MSS.
  • Funding: you have the right to obtain funding from the MSS, as detailed in the Constitution. In order to receive funding you must open an bank account with the assistance of the MSS VP Finance . You are also required to keep track of financial expenses.
  • Clubs' Day and Club Exec Meet and Greet: you are required to at least have one executive member to attend Club Day and the Club Execs Meet and Greet.
  • Online presence: you are required to maintain a working website of the club from the Med-Dent Gateway and have events available through the Gateway Calendar.

To create a club you will simply have to submit an application through the Gateway using the online form.

It is highly recommended that you consult the list of current clubs before submitting an application to avoid redundancy and to keep funding distribution to clubs at reasonable amount. Your club should have at least 15 potential members and enough ideas for events to provide at least two every semester that targets certain interests within the members of the Society.

When choosing the name of your club, make sure that you follow the Memoradum of Agreement's restrictions

Your application will be reviewed by the General Council and official club status will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • The submission of all requested documents.
  • The concordance of the club’s objectives with those of the Society.
  • The pertinence of the club for Society members.
  • The sustainability or possibility for continuity of the club.
  • The observance of the club’s responsibilities towards the Society (for returning clubs).

Criteria for funding

To obtain funding from the MSS for your club, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be recognized as an Official Club status by the MSS
  • Provide a budget with the projected incomes and expenses for the semester
  • Have a bank account held by the club under MSS authority
  • (For returning clubs) Provide a budget of the past semester of incomes, expenses, and a current account balance
  • (For returning clubs) Provide all relevant information such as attendance lists to calculate club activity

New clubs funding

Every semester, a minimum of five percents of the clubs allocated budget is reserved for new clubs who are applying for funding. The allocated amount will be distributed equally among new clubs

The exact amount of allocated for new clubs is adopted by the VP Student Affairs at the beginning of every semester and approved by the general council. This amount depends on the following criteria:

  • Financial needs of returning clubs
  • Submitted budgets of new clubs
  • Number of new clubs
  • Budgeted amount of the MSS allocated for clubs

Returning clubs funding

The funding allocated to each club is based on club activity and measured by units of event-attendance, one person attending to one event being equal to 1 event-attendance. Every semester the funding is prorated to the amount of event-attendances a club has accumulated during the previous semester. 

The number of event-attendances of a club is determined by the total number of attendances to all the club's events during the semester. For example, if a club had 10 events where there was 10 members attending at each event, this would be equal to 100 event-attendances. Alternatively, if a club had 2 events with 50 members attending at each events, they would also have 100 event-attendances for the semester.

Funding for club A = ( [total funding for returning clubs]/[total event-attendances of all clubs] ) x [event-attendances of club A]

Special projects

Every semester, at least five percents of the clubs allocated budget is reserved for special projects. A special project can be defined as an event or an activity organized by one or several clubs that requires special financial needs and that provides club members with an exceptional opportunity in accordance to the club’s mission statement. The nature of the special project should be exceptional in the sense that the opportunity is unique for the club: it should not happen every year.

The purpose of this fund is to provide additional financial  income if they want to organize a special event or activity. The exact amount allocated for this fund will be determined by the VP Student Affairs every semester, at the same time that funding will be distributed. Clubs who wish to apply for this fund can do so in their funding application. The amount allocated for each club will be determined by the following criteria:

  • Financial needs of the club
  • Nature of the special project
  • Benefits for club members and value of opportunity for all MSS members
  • Importance and the unique character of the project
  • Concreteness of your project and steps already undertaken for its organization

For initiatives or events that might benefit more than MSS members, club executives are invited to apply for the SPCI fund

Hey! Glad you're interested in the Christian Medical and Dental Society (CMDS) 

Our mission is to provide a structured, collaborative environment for medical students to master the essentials of clinical French.

The Community Outreach Projects (C.O.P.) is a student-run organization that aims to promote careers in health to high school students as well as to educate elementary and high school students on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Comparative Healthcare Systems Program aims to provide students interested in global and public health opportunities to compare health care systems. We hope that from our activities will stem ideas ideas to improve our Canadian health care system.

The McGill Dermatology Group seeks to provide medical students with information and exposure the the field of dermatology by fostering relationships between students, residents and faculty.

The Digestion & Metabolism Student Interest Group strives to promote a sense of community among medical students via food and culinary experiences.                                                           

As a club we hope to influence medical and other health professional schools to incorporate exercise and its benefits into course curriculum, and EIMC principles in practice.

The Internal Medicine Interest Group aims to increase the awareness of medical students towards internal medicine by fostering interest in its different subspecialties and by guiding students on their steps to a residency match.

The McGill Black Medical Students’ Association is an inclusive organization of medical students focussed on engaging members on issues concerning the African and Afro-Caribbean communities in Montreal through 4 tenets: social interaction, networking,...

The McGill International Health Initiative is a student group that strives for global health equality through lectures, discussions, conferences and activism. Some past actions included:

This group is dedicated to McGill medical students that are interested in orthopaedic surgery.  

Join to get information on our upcoming meetings, ask current McGill residents everything there is to know about the program, and much more!

Every year in January, all the Canadian med schools are invited to participate in the MedGames. At the end of the weekend, everyone comes together to watch and participate in the final (and most important!) event : Cheerleading!

The Osler Society, established in 1921, is McGill's oldest student society.


MedTech stands for Medical Technology, which broadly includes products, devices, information technology, and e-Learning resources related to Medicine.

The MSS Anesthesiology Interest Group strives to provide McGill medical students with opportunities to explore the field of anesthesiology and its subspecialties, including Critical Care and Pain Medicine.

The Buddy Program Committee is responsible for co-ordinating the Medicine Buddy Program that pairs Med-1 students with upper-year mentors.

What is EMIG? EMIG is a student run club intended for current McGill University medical students who are interested in learning more about emergency medicine as a potential career choice. 

The McGill Obstetrics and Gynecology Interest Group

The McGill Ophthalmology Interest Group (MOIG) aims to introduce medical students to the world of ophthalmology through various talks and practical sessions.

MSS South America Health Initiative

To expose McGill medical students to a variety of topics in pediatrics and to allow them to interact with a wide range of pediatric specialists.

Skyward kick is a multi-dimensional soccer club for students interested in soccer to unite, while developing athletic and leadership skills by attending soccer workshops, and organizing charity tournaments and youth outreach programs.

The Student Interest Group in Neurology and Neurosurgery (SIGN) program is a network of more than 150 chapters in medical schools across the United States and Canada.

The Wilderness Medicine Club seeks to cultivate a better understanding and awareness of Wilderness Medicine, a subset of medicine that is not well-popularized at McGill.