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Medical Students' Society of McGill University (MSS)



McGill University's first faculty to open was the Faculty of Medicine in 1829. Though the formation of a group representing the interests of medical students must have occurred shortly thereafter, the first indications of the existence of an organized "Medical Students' Society of McGill College" are in 1859 [1]. Other hints of past organizations, albeit under different names, include: the "Students' Medical Society of McGill University" (1887)[2], the "McGill Medical Society of Undergraduates" (1898)[3] and the "Medical Society/Medical Undergraduate Society" (1942-1978)[4].

The Osler Society, established in 1921 and named after McGill's most famous medical graduate Sir William Osler, continues to be a society closely related with the MSS.

The logo of the MSS is an adaptation of the coat of arms adopted by the Faculty of Medicine in 1884, which is itself based upon the coat of arms used by the University in 1866[5].  The signature of the MSS (with the logo and the Society's name in English and French) was designed by Amit Raut (class of 2013) in 2010.



About the Society


What is the Medical Students' Society (MSS)?

The Medical Students' Society (MSS) is the organization that represents the interests of medical students at McGill University.

Who can be a member of the MSS?

The membership of the Medical Students' Society consists of both active and honorary members.  

Active Members include any student enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine of McGill University and working towards the MDCM degree.  Only active members of the Society are considered to be voting members.

All students in the Med-P, MD-PhD and MD-MBA programs are granted honorary membership.  Honorary Members also include any person chosen by a majority vote by the General Council of the Society.  Honorary members may participate in Society activities and attend and speak at all Society meetings and honorary membership is valid only for the duration of the acting General Council’s mandate.

Do you have a constitution?

Yes, the MSS has adopted a constitution and it can be found here.

How do I contact the MSS?

Please visit the Contact Information page.