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MJM Staff in Med-Dent Computer Lab The Med-Dent Computer Lab is a room in (or a "slice" of) the McIntyre Medical Building 5th floor which has been designated as student space for Medical and Dental students at McGill University. 

There are 11 computers (4 new computers with dual screen setup!) available for use.  There are also many chairs and a few couches as well.  Please keep food and beverages away from the computers.

The Computer Lab is located in the McIntyre Medical Building in room 501 (5th floor). The door to the computer lab is beside the 5th floor entrance (nearest to the cafeteria) to the Martin Amphitheatre. Please scan your McGill ID card to enter.

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If you have recently attended or are looking to attend a medicine-related conference or planning to host a conference or medically-related initiative open to all McGill medical students, you may want to take advantage of the Conference and Initiative Funds offered by your Medical Students' Society. Each applicant to our Conference Fund, if accepted, can expect financial support up to $500 and each Initiative Fund applicant could receive up to $1000.

  • Please read the attached documents and note that your application must be received at the MSS VP Finance's email address.

  • Please also use the subject heading [Conference Funding] or [Initiative Funding] in your emails when you submit the application.
  • Our biannual Conference and Initiative Funding meeting is where applicants will make their presentation. Attendance at this meeting is mandatory in order to receive funding, but you may send a proxy if you are out of town.

Conference Funding & Initiative Fund Information

2013-2014 Updated Edition


The masculine has been used in this document to simplify the text but it refers to all students

Who is eligible for conference funding and/or initiative funding? 


Medical Students wishing to attend conferences related to their field of interest, as well as Medical Students wishing to organize health-related initiatives at McGill University, whether independently or in association with an MSS-recognized club, are eligible to receive sponsorship from the Medical Students’ Society.



Distribution of Funds for Conferences and Student Initiatives


Section I: General Information


There are three (3) separate funds set aside within the MSS General Budget to which MSS members may apply for funding:


  1. The Conference Fund: for applicants wanting to attend conferences
  2. The Initiative Fund: for applicants wanting to host conferences/undertake initiatives (furthermore lumped together as “initiatives”)
  3. The Community Involvement Fund: for applications with projects immersed in the community


The Conference Fund, Initiative Fund, and Community Involvement Fund will be divided into halves, and each half will be allocated at one of the two designated meetings during the school year.



These funds will not be used to fund an applicant wishing to attend a conference for the sole reason of running for a position at an election.


Only single event initiatives will be eligible for funding.


Sufficient funds are already reserved within the general MSS budget for respective MSS Representatives to attend conferences as part of their duties on council. This includes, for example, the CFMS and FMEQ meetings. Council members already receiving reimbursement from the MSS for their expenses related to these conferences will not eligible for this funding.


Payments will be made after the date of the conference/initiative and if and only if the applicant has met the required criteria (For criteria, please see section VII).


Should the entire half of funds designated for allocation not be distributed at the closure of the first meeting, the surplus will be allocated at the second meeting. Should surplus funds remain at end of the year, the remainder will be pooled into the MSS General Budget.


The amount budgeted for Conferences and Initiative will be announced every year before the first Distribution of Funds Meeting in the fall.


All of the information in this document shall be available and shall be made public to the entire student body.


This document will replace any previous motions regarding the distribution of funds for conferences.



Section II: The Funds Allocation Committee


The distribution of the Conference Fund and the Initiative Fund will be under the jurisdiction of the Funds Allocation Committee.


The Funds Allocation Committee will be an MSS subcommittee chaired by the VP Finance and the MSS President and comprising 2-3 additional MSS General Council members elected by the Council. A member of this committee cannot apply for funding.


The distribution of the Community Involvement fund will be under the jurisdiction of the SPCI Funds Allocation Committee.



The SPCI Funds Allocation Committee will be an SPCI subcommittee chaired by the SPCI Co-Presidents and 1-2 additional SPCI members. A member of this committee cannot apply for funding.



Section III: Procedure for Distribution of Funds Meetings


The distribution of these funds will only take place in the context of one of the two Distribution of Funds Meetings. There will once such meeting in the fall and one in the winter.


The distribution of the Community Involvement funds will only take place in the context of four annual SPCI Distribution of Funds meeting.


The date of these meetings, the application template and the application deadline will be announced sufficiently in advance for students to be able to attend the Distribution of Funds Meeting and to submit their application by the deadline.


In order to receive funding for a conference or initiative, one applicant must attend the relevant Distribution of Funds Meeting to present his conference or initiative as required by section IV. One applicant may however represent a group of applicants wishing to attend/organize the same conference or initiative.


Once all applicants have presented, members of the Funds Allocation Committee will review all applications received, considering proactive and retroactive applications separately.


At the Distribution of Funds Meeting, each applicant is expected to present via Powerpoint:


  • A thorough and concise overview of the conference/initiative/community project
  • The conference/initiative/project budget .
  • If the applicant is receiving funding from an MSS club for this conference or initiative, the annual budget of the respective club, which must include the club’s projected spending on the conference/initiative under examination
  • Give a speech describing the conference/initiative and the budget.
    • Maximum speech time of 3 minutes for conference funding applications
    • Maximum speech time of 5 minutes for initiative/community project funding applications


Only upon the completion of presentations will the Funds Allocation committee determine if an applicant will be awarded funding, and, if so, what amount will be allocated.



Section IV: Applying for Funding


Applications for a given Distribution of Funds Meeting will only be considered for events that take place within the six (6) months preceding the date of the meeting or within the six (6) months following it.


The funding application must include:


  • Number of applicants, their names and contact information
  • For conference funding applicants: Description of the conference, including title, who is hosting, location, past/projected attendance, reputation/history of the conference, subject of the conference, and its importance to the applicant club. In the case of a new initiative, the goals and projected benefits of the endeavor must be explained.
  • For applicants to the initiative fund and community involvement fund, the goals and projected benefits of the endeavor must be explained
  • Role of the applicant in relation to the conference/initiative/project
  • Projected costs/fees (based on one person attending)
  • Other sources of funding for the conference/initiative
  • If applicant is hosting a conference/heading the initiative, he/she must also explain how and to whom he/she will advertise (at McGill and/or in the community at large) and his/her target audience (ie: Medical students, students at large, community, etc…).


For a given conference/initiative, if an applicant is denied funding in the context of a retroactive application or is granted funding in any context, he may not reapply at any subsequent MSS Distribution of Funds Meeting.


If he is denied funding in the context of a proactive application (ie. before the event takes place), the student may reapply at the next meeting.


Applicants may be asked to re-apply at the following Distribution of Funds Meeting should the above requirements regarding the application procedure not be met.



Section V: Distribution of Funds for Applicants Attending a Conference


Maximum funds allotted:


  • Maximum of 450.00CAD per person per conference
  • Maximum of 1000.00CAD per conference (based on two (2) people attending)


If more than 2 people wish to attend a conference, the funds allotted, based on 2 people attending, can be distributed amongst the group.



Section VI: Distribution of Funds for Applicants Hosting a Conference/Undertaking an Initiative


Maximum funds allotted:


  • Maximum of 450.00CAD per speaker/panel
  • Maximum of 1000.00CAD per conference/initiative


All events must be open to the Faculty of Medicine and all members of the MSS.



Section VII: Distribution of Funds for Community Involvement Projects


Maximum funds allotted:


  • Maximum of 5000.00 CAD for all projects


Section VIII: Conditions Upon Return/Event Termination


The MSS Conference Fund, Initiative Find, and Commmunity Involvement Fund are in place for the enrichment of student life and to encourage students to represent McGill at various conferences. Any innovative ideas and initiatives that are consistent with this mandate are welcome.


Once an applicant has been chosen to receive funding, he/she is required to fulfill the following conditions upon return in order to have the funds transferred to him:


A) Submit all receipts and a revised budget (with actual costs and fees only) to the VP Finance upon return/termination of the event. Should actual costs be less than the requested funds, the applicant(s) will receive the lesser of the two amounts.


B) Write an article for the MSS Website, describing the conference/initiative/project, who attended, and what was learned/gained.


C) Submit a review of the conference/initiative for publication on the MSS website. The summary must include:


  • Name of the applicants/organizers
  • Date of event
  • Location of the event
  • Title and subject of conference/initiative
  • Tips on how to register, reduce costs and obtain funding for attendance/organization
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the conference 
  • A complete report on the initiative (to guide future organizers in case the event is repeated.)


D) Applicable only to those organizing an event: Pictures of the event should be enclosed for addition to the MSS website. If the desire is to transform the initiative into an annual undertaking, information elaborating on such desires and contact information of the previous year’s organizers should be enclosed.


Payment of allocated funds will only occur once the above conditions have been fulfilled.


Funding will only be remitted if all of the information required has been received by the VP Finance within 6 months of the return of the conference (for conferences) or the end of the event (for initiatives.)

Failure to fulfill any of the above conditions will result in loss of funding.


Should fraud of any kind occur, funding will be revoked.




Section IX: Considerations in Allocating Funds


The Funds Allocation Committee shall be responsible for determining how funds shall be distributed amongst applicants. General criteria include:


  • Relevance of the subject of the conference (Medically related topics only)
  • Magnitude and importance of the conference
  • Magnitude, importance and benefit to the community at large for Community Involvement projects
  • Reasons of applicant for attending (priority will be given to candidates presenting at the event)
  • Appropriateness of proposed budget
  • Possible advantages to the MSS and the Faculty of Medicine of McGill University
  • The Amount of funds available for allocation



Section X: Responsibilities of the Funds Allocation Committee


The Funds Allocation Committee(s) will be responsible for ensuring that all the guidelines contained in this document are fallowed.


The Funds Allocation Committee(s) shall keep a database of all applicants and recipients of funding for conferences/initiatives. This database will be accessible from the MSS website.


The database shall include all the information provided by students who were granted funding as part of the review that they are required to provide (cf. section VI) as it becomes available. MSS must keep this database up to date and make it available to all of its members.


The Funds Allocation committee must disclose the list of recipients of funding at the latest one week after the Distribution of Funds Meeting.

Dear students/athletes,

Every summer, the MSS has funded the fees for the use of the gym by medical students. Once again this year, all Med1, Med2, and Med3 students have automatic access to the Fitness Center from May 1st to August 19th at no additional cost to them. This represents a $99 value.

In addition, you may also participate to free Pay-As-You-Go fitness classes during May and June. (Source:

For more information, please contact the Client Services office of McGill Athletics.

Enjoy this exclusive service!

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