Academic Immersion in Health

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Academic Immersion in Healthcare (AIH) is an exciting initiative founded by medical students and supported by Health Canada as well as McGill’s Widening Participation Committee (WPC). Our goal is to encourage high-school students of low socioeconomic status to pursue a career in healthcare! What do we do specifically? We interact with students through 3 approaches: (1) Longitudinal mentoring where students from various healthcare programs (medicine, nursing, PT/OT…) guide high-school students through career selection and through any academic challenges that they might face along the way. (2) A new interactive online platform where students can view immersive videos and get all the info they need to take the first step towards a career in healthcare. ( (3) Hands-on in-person workshops within high schools in which participants get to try suturing and ultrasound under the supervision of medical students. (Pending as we follow how the Covid situation develops). With already hundreds of high-school students benefiting from our platforms as well as multiple prizes won at the local and provincial level, we now need your help to reach out to even more students! We are currently recruiting for 2 positions: (1) VP e-learning Role: promote the virtual platform at the regional/provincial level and assist in tasks to ensure proper functioning of the platform (2) Junior VP mentorship Role: Assist in the various tasks to ensure proper functioning of the mentoring program (help with recruitment, advertising to schools, content creation…) We are looking forward to receiving your applications and to welcome you within our great team!! Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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