McGill Black Medical Students’ Association (BMSA)

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About the club

The Black Medical Students’ Association has three pillars under which our initiatives are prioritized: (1) Advocacy (2) Outreach (3) Medical Student Support

The McGill Black Medical Students’ Association (BMSA) is committed to addressing anti-Black racism through advocacy for curriculum modification and reform. The BMSA also aims to address barriers to admission by collaborating with outreach programs for pre-medical students, with the aim to achieve proportional representation of Black medical professionals. Additionally, the BMSA supports current Black medical students, through fostering a sense of community and wellbeing throughout their studies so that they can excel. Finally, the BMSA will also act in collaboration with the general medical student body to sustain a culturally safe environment for all students to learn in.

Contact information

PresidentRebecca Aberra, class of
Vice-PresidentKhadija Brouillette, class of
Director of Outreach and AdvocacyHendrick Paquette Ambroise, class of
Junior Director of EventsEdouarda Taguedong, class of
External RepresentativeAdam Hassan, class of
Director of FinanceAnikka Swavy, class of
Med 2 RepresentativeShana Theodore, class of
Med 3 RepresentativeThaïna Rosinvil, class of
Med 4 RepresentativeLeatitia Mbassegue, class of
Med P LiaisonMarc-Andy Joseph, class of
Outaouais RepresentativeLaury Gueyie, class of