McGill Black Medical Students’ Association (BMSA)

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About the club

The Black Medical Students’ Association has three pillars under which our initiatives are prioritized: (1) Advocacy (2) Outreach (3) Medical Student Support

The McGill Black Medical Students’ Association (BMSA) is committed to addressing anti-Black racism through advocacy for curriculum modification and reform. The BMSA also aims to address barriers to admission by collaborating with outreach programs for pre-medical students, with the aim to achieve proportional representation of Black medical professionals. Additionally, the BMSA supports current Black medical students, through fostering a sense of community and wellbeing throughout their studies so that they can excel. Finally, the BMSA will also act in collaboration with the general medical student body to sustain a culturally safe environment for all students to learn in.

Contact information

PresidentRebecca Aberra, class of
Vice-PresidentKhadija Brouillette, class of