Community Educators for Healthcare Improvement (CEHI) – MSS

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About the club

Community Educators for Healthcare Improvement (CEHI) is an initiative to promote perspectives from equity-seeking and marginalized patients into medical education.

Through seminars co-developed by community organizations, students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences will hear from patient populations they may not be familiar with, learn about gaps in the healthcare system, and explore ways to better serve their future patients. Seminars delivered by community organizations, healthcare providers, and, most importantly, patients themselves will explore barriers to quality healthcare faced by populations in Canada, particularly those in and around the island of Montréal. A systematic, evidence-based, and justice-informed approach is central to how we identify groups that would most benefit from speaking with future healthcare professionals.

We actively seek opportunities for collaboration with community organizations, faculty members, and other MSS clubs in order to advance our goal of integrating marginalized and equity-seeking patient voices into medical education.

Contact information

Co-DirectorBlake Linthwaite, class of
Co-DirectorTaylor Morganstein, class of
Med-1 RepresentativeDenia Hamidi, class of
Curriculum and Education CoordinatorNarimane Ait Hamou, class of
SecretaryAdrian Kiva, class of
Research CoordinatorDorsa Sohaei, class of