MSS Anatomy Club (MAC)

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About the club

The MSS Anatomy Club’s (MAC) mission is to facilitate the learning of anatomy and help students consolidate their knowledge. It is our belief that in order to have a proper understanding of pathologies, it is important to first understand the underlying anatomy. In addition, MAC aims to provide students with opportunities to learn about clinical anatomy. Not only do we want to help students learn, but we want to showcase how the understanding of human anatomy is important in medicine—whether it be in a surgical field or the clinical setting.

Our outreach team aims to pique young students’ interest in medical sciences. Through interactive sessions (ultrasound, suturing, laparoscopic simulations), we aim to encourage high school and CÉGEP students to explore the various fields of health sciences.

Contact information

FounderJeffrey Sioufi, class of
Curriculum Director (M1)Jack Legler, class of
Curriculum Director (M2)Emily Stenberg, class of