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About the club

MedComm, a student-run initiative that aims to address language barriers in healthcare. Our primary goal is to raise awareness about language barriers in healthcare. We also hope to address the issue by training multilingual medical and dental students in medical interpretation and connecting them with McGill healthcare professionals in need of interpretation services. This year, we will be launching a platform to do just that!

Contact information

Club PresidentDarya Naumova, class of
Vice PresidentJun Yang Liu, class of
VP OperationsSangkha S. Paul, class of
VP OperationsMarianne Bou Rjeily, class of
VP InternalJenny Wang, class of
VP CommunicationsElyonora Sargi, class of
VP ITFarida Elmalt, class of
Junior VP ResearchShihan Chen, class of
VP EventsThalia Nguyen, class of