MSS Healthcare for Human Rights (MHHR)

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About the club

It is 2023 and the world is on fire. Healthcare inequalities are rampant and are only exacerbated by growing socio-economic issues: income inequality, gender and racial inequity, housing insecurity, lack of access to resources, climate change, to name a few. If it is our duty as doctors to maintain the health of our patients, then it must be our responsibility to uphold their fundamental human rights, as the two are inextricably linked. 

The MSS Healthcare for Human Rights common interest club aims to support people’s human rights both at home and abroad by organizing community-integrated workshops, speaking to medical and human rights experts who promote evidence-based approaches to complex sociopolitical issues, and taking action to help survivors of human rights atrocities. Medicine does not start and stop at the clinic, and neither should you. If you are ready to apply your medical knowledge and passion to the community in support of human rights in healthcare, sign up today! 

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Co-PresidentNoor Mady, class of
Co-PresidentChelsea Pozzebon, class of
Co-PresidentEmmanuel Adams-Gelinas, class of
Social Media RepKamelya Doksanoglu, class of
Med-2 RepSarah Daraj, class of