MSS Medical Research Association (MMRA)

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About the club

MMRA aims to facilitate student participation in medical research. We do so by providing information about how to get involved in research, organizing relevant skill workshops, and creating opportunities for students to practice professional presentations.

Contact information

Co-PresidentNabeel Ahmed, class of
Co-PresidentAdam Hassan, class of
Past PresidentNavid Zuberi, class of
VP FinanceAlex Beaulieu-Shearer, class of
VP AdministrationSamy Abu Setah, class of
Co-VP PromotionsBoaz Laor, class of
Co-VP PromotionsJessica Matschek, class of
Co-VP EventsAlexander Moise, class of
Co-VP EventsAmmar Saed Aldien, class of
Co-VP OutreachJoelle Amir, class of
Co-VP OutreachTommy Kim, class of
Med-4 Rep MTLLaura Meng, class of
Med-4 Rep CORamin Farzaneh, class of
Med-3 Rep MTLFrank Gareau, class of
Co-Med-2 Rep MTLSarah Petrecca, class of
Co-Med-2 Rep MTLSteve Amougou Bande, class of 2026steve.amougoubande@mail.mcgill
Med-2 Rep COPeter Joseph Mounsef, class of
Co-Med-1 Rep MTLEviatar Fields, class of
Co-Med-1 Rep MTLPasquale Mule, class of
Med-1 Rep COKhaled Skaik, class of