MSS Medical Research Association (MMRA)

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About the club

MMRA aims to facilitate student participation in medical research. We do so by providing information about how to get involved in research, organizing relevant skill workshops, and creating opportunities for students to practice professional presentations.

Contact information

Co-PresidentJustin-Pierre Lorange, class of
Co-PresidentNavid Zuberi, class of
VP-FinanceNabeel Ahmed, class of
Med-2 Representative- MontrealFrancis Feldman, class of
Med-2 Representative- OutaouaisRaphael Rezkallah, class of
Med-3 Representative- OutaouaisAlexander Beaulieu-Shearer, class of
Med-3 Representative- MontrealLaura Meng, class of
Med-4 RepresentativeFrançois Fabi, class of
VP AdministrationTaylor Stoesz, class of
VP PromotionHillary Chappus-McCendie, class of
VP EventsAlexander Moise, class of
VP EventsLilly Groszman, class of
VP OutreachAnne Xuan-Lan Nguyen, class of
VP OutreachJoelle Amir, class of