MSS Bioinformatics & Genomics Group (M-BiGG)

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About the club

The MSS Bioinformatics & Genomics Group (M-BiGG) is a Common Interest Group that aims to provide McGill medical students with a working understanding of genomic medicine and its applications, with ample opportunities for hands-on training in genetics and genomics research, computational biology, and machine learning. Using an interdisciplinary team-based approach, we hope to share our skillsets and make these fields approachable for students through interactive events and guided demonstrations across a variety of topics in genomics, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence, with a focus on precision medicine. M-BiGG events will feature a combination of hands-on skill-building tutorials, academic networking events with experts in genomics and computational biology, and ample opportunities for collaboration and development of research projects with peers and mentors. In doing so, M-BiGG aims to provide students with a robust theoretical and applied understanding of the role of genomics in diagnosing common and complex human diseases, and equip them with analytical skills to investigate the foundational (molecular) mechanisms underpinning the pathophysiology of these diseases.

Contact information

Co-PresidentRichie Jeremian, class of
Co-PresidentMarc Henein, class of
Bioinformatics Learning FacilitatorMisha Fotovati, class of
Bioinformatics Learning FacilitatorNicole Zhang, class of
Member-At-LargeRayyan Fotovati, class of